I like to think of myself as the Monk who sold his Toyota.

A professional nuclear engineer by training and a compassionate person by temperament, I am a palmist, astrologer and spiritual-seeker by the infinite grace of God and Gurudev. 

I have surrendered to the will of Devi Maa (my Isth Devi) and Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj (my Guru). Nothing much matters to me than my devotion to them.

My karma or duty

My karmic duty for this birth is as a “Jyotshi” – meaning “Jyoti + Isha” or “one who spreads God and Gurudev’s light”. I do this by helping people astrologically when they are going through the toughest and most challenging phase in their life. I am direct in my approach and tell it as I see it, using the intuitive powers God and Gurudev have given me. I have been doing this for more than 30 years.

The accuracy of my predictions is very high and my reports are written in simple and straightforward language that anyone can understand. This has always been my hallmark – simplifying complex things. 

I get to the root cause of any issue(s) and advise spiritual as well as gemological remedies.
I also do a lot of doubt-busting through my no-nonsense approach to predictions via astrology and palmistry, thereby providing effective solutions.

I specialise in detailed chart and palm analysis, chart matching for matrimonial purposes, married couple chart/palm analysis and complete family chart/palm analysis. 

I call these reports your Life Plan and I write them myself. If you do not know your exact birth time, it can be determined and then your Life Plan can be written. Alternately phone / Whatsapp consultation options are also available for the same in English/Hindi.
Remedies to your karmic problems

My remedies are based on the karmic philosophy of Hinduism. Though I do prescribe supportive gems/stones, which are part of the Life Plan, I strongly believe that one can truly change his/her future for the present and subsequent births by doing good karma. Please remember that it is not good enough to be merely legally correct in our lives, being morally and ethically correct is equally if not more important.

Chapter X – Verse 38 of the Holy Bhavada Gita says “the errant man may escape the punishment of man made laws, but karmic justice is inexorable, appeasable only by right actions which earn rewards of merit and ultimate pardon”.  

May God and Gurudev Bless You,

— Vir Bhagat 

BE (Mech), MSc (Engg), PEng

Astrologer, palmist and spiritualist for 30-plus years