Forecast for September

Your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde in September. It is an ideal time to rest your tired mind and put up your feet.  You have been feeling worn out, and drained when it comes to your personal life. Think, retrospect. You are looking for some caring, and some kind words from loved ones. Express that desire. Be gentle on yourself. Take the help of your friends and family, and things will soon look up. Listen to yourself when you are itching for some change. Go and live your life. And, relax. You will feel much better for it. Work on yourself, your strengths, and you will be able to face problem that may be headed your way. Working on yourself will help you in your personal life too.

Slowly, things will become clearer, especially on the professional front. Remember to work towards a specific objective, heading to some place you want to be. And you will get there eventually. Finances too, may see some action. You may get a new idea, or you my also decide to check your spending habits. So there is a lot of change on the cards. It may make you nervous, because you never quite know where the change will take you. Let go. Trust your instinct, and don’t make hasty decisions, and the change may just turn out to be what you have been looking for. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

It’s a hectic month for you, with your thoughts racing in all directions. There’s this deep-seated desire to start new things and to realise old dreams in both your personal and professional life. And you know what? This is the perfect time to aim high and showcase your capabilities. At work, you may feel the need to express your ideas and personality. But with Virgo season here, these dreams and expressions of yours will have a practical foundation. They will encourage you to hedge your bets. The sign will ensure you plan and do your homework, so that you have a better chance to realize your potential.

Your marriage and your relationships are also very much on your mind. Make time for yourself – else you may be unable to be there for those around you. Use this time to pursue a relaxing hobby, and to think about your needs. What do you require most right now? What can no longer be postponed? Be honest with yourself, for you have been ignoring your own demands for far too long. So define your personal space, and fill it with thoughts of things you love. This will help you have a healthier relationship with your family. This is again a practical approach to living your life, brought on by Virgo season and by Mars going retrograde in Aries. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

It’s time for family – and you – as you connect with loved ones. You will spend some quality time with your spouse and children and give them many hours of happiness. You will connect at a very deep level with your partner too, and show them just how important they are to you.

They will help you take care of your emotional needs – but for their efforts to succeed, you need to learn to take care of yourself first. Think of were you want to go, what you want to do. In this manner, you will start your journey to greater self-discovery, perhaps at work or in your personal life. This is important, since it is quite possible that issues at work are dragging you down. You would be asking yourself whether you are satisfied with your work. Is it making a difference to yourself and those around you?  While this may not be the right time to make a move on the career front, perhaps it is time to start planning for it.  The new moon of the 17th will focus your mind on matters you still need to attend to on the personal front.

But as the month chugs along, use this self-reflection to reboot – fulfill your dreams, set new goals, make new memories. Be confident and keep moving forward. You will emerge stronger. But yes, do remember to take your loved ones with you, along with your dreams. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.


It’s all about family and home this month for Cancerians. Utilise this month to learn new things and spend time with your family. They will fill you with positive thoughts. You will pay a lot of attention to your savings too, as you realise the need to safeguard your financial future. You will have words with a close friend or family member, as tempers flare in the second half of the month. But even as you express yourself, do not let go of yourself completely, for your unkind words may end up hurting someone you care about. So decide to adopt a rational perspective and dial down on those Cancer emotions if you want to keep relationships alive.

An unexpected job offer may come your way, which may mean more money. And anyway, you have been itching for change. Your job is making too many demands on you and you are finding it difficult to balance the personal aspect of your life with the professional.  But think hard and rationally and plan before taking any step, else you may regret it. You know you have the tendency to let your emotions lead you down the wrong road. Don’t let anything or anyone rush you into something you are unsure about. If need be, consult some elder or someone trusted before you take crucial decisons. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

Money may be at the top of your mind, especially the need to earn more, as the Virgo season approaches, and during the full moon on the month. This may feel frustrating, especially since you feel you have been spending more than you should have. Be careful on the monetary front. Just as you learn about not overextending yourself, do be careful about not overspending. Think where you can cut back, and how you can make more. The planets will help you in this regard if you approach the issue systematically.


With Mars and Jupiter going retrograde and direct, respectively, in quick succession, there may be surprise developments at work. An opportunity may come knocking at your door or a business partnership from the past may return. While this is good news, the accompanying changes may bring uncertainty. Even as you change your mind several times in response to these professional demands, you will realise smart negotiations hold the key to grabbing the opportunity on offer. While there will be peace in your personal life, you will need to keep an eye on expenses to ensure you are responsible about money as mentioned earlier. So, focus on investments in the second fortnight. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

September promises to be an exciting month for you, filled with opportunity. (It’s probably your birthday month!) Don’t be indecisive. Instead, hold onto whichever opportunity presents itself, especially at work. Take on projects for which you have the temperament and skill-sets, an give it your best. This is sure to help you in your job. With Mars going retrograde on September 9, it is great time to slow down. Use the time to pay attention to your personal life, where things are looking up.

The second fortnight would be a bit slow when compared with the first. Be careful with your ambitions, because you may aim for something which is wrong for you.  As a result, you may feel restless; the feeling is best dealt with by engaging in sports or something that interests you. Don’t take any crucial financial decision in this state of mind. Moreover, money matters will come to the fore in the last week of the month. Your partner, if you have one, may have some helpful advice to offer on this front. The last week of the month is fruitful for your career and relationships, with Sun moving into Libra. And you have the passion and determination to make things happen for you. Just remember: Don’t doubt yourself.  Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

The month ahead is an exciting one, even as you enter your season the 22nd. There will be plenty of ideas and energy to help you get ahead. As far as your personal life is concerned, you will enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. Given this hectic schedule, you may need to slow down a bit to recharge. Take care of your mind and body. This mental break will help you, and, towards the middle of the month, you will be able to devote your energy and enjoyment to work.

The Sun will be moving into a great place for you, your home, allowing you to make the best of both worlds – personal and professional – since you now have the luxury of having the time and energy for both. The month is also perfect for some quiet time for soul-searching and spirituality, and the new moon will push you towards looking after your health and fitness. This will help you calm down. So seek out people who give off positive vibes and help you in your quest. You may also receive some good news on the financial front. Yes, as stated, it’s a busy month – but it doesn’t bring anything you can’t handle. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

September will bring change for Scorpio, making it a month which will involve crucial decisions, notably on the professional front. A job change may also be on the cards. But think hard and rationally and plan before taking any step, else you may regret it. If you decide not to take on the job, use this time wisely, brush up on your existing skills, or upgrade them. This will help you the next time the planets align to send you a tempting professional opportunity. Also utilise this month to spend time with your family. They will fill you with positive thoughts. Communicate effectively with your loved ones, for there may be some stress involving your partner in the third week. But things should work themselves out if you stay cool and receptive. 

You will pay a lot of attention to your savings too. Your finances could help you realize how much you have achieved in life, and this will offer you some quiet satisfaction. If you are on the lookout for love, break down the wall you have built around yourself and welcome someone who could be special into your. The second half of the month will present you with a hard choice. Your decision may hurt someone, but you will have to make the right call nevertheless. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

September should be very positive for you. For one, the new Moon will help you instil some discipline in yourself – so here’s your chance to start reaching for those goals you have had in mind for long – from fitness to money and anything in between. This positivity will continue through the month as your self-confidence helps attract friends and business associates. Your self-drive will lead to many admiring you, but don’t let your ego get the better of you. If you can control your ego, this confidence will also give you a lot of energy, helping you try out new things and meet new people. You may be able to forge new ties with these people, which can be personal or professional. The new partnership will be beneficial for you, emotionally or monetarily. 

However, keep a tab on your feelings, for they may not guide you in the right direction, especially when it comes to events that bring out anger and hostility. In that case, you may end up taking some steps you regret if you are not careful. Come what may, keep calm. If need be, consult some elder or someone trusted who will remind you of your values and life goals before you take crucial decisons. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

Things are changing at work – not drastically, but incrementally, making you think deeply about your source of income. This may be because you want to advance your career and move ahead in life. Moreover, you may want to discuss challenges at work with your boss and co-workers so that you feel settled and come to a better understanding about your job role. It’s better to sort things out than allow issues to fester.

If you are in a business or partnership, you can expect a monetary benefit. You can also get a chance to expect some income from sources outside your line of work. But don’t focus too much on this money since it may not help you much. Even if you feel something is amiss this month or things appear different or confusing, don’t get bogged down. Approach the month in a positive light and this will help. 

There will be some sudden changes in the second half, in which you break a relationship with a group of people. It may be difficult to do this, and you could end up distressing many people. However, you need to make a break for yourself, for these people are only dragging you down emotionally. You will be helping yourself by taking this decision. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

The new Moon may bring developments connected with an investment made by you some time ago, calling for your attention. Carefully weigh the negatives and positives and understand the developments fully before you take a final call. Any source of speculation or money venture will have to be negotiated by you so you can get the best deal for yourself, and many questions could be asked as lack of understanding of issues could be present. You have been bruised by this in the past, so think carefully, and a valuable lesson can be learnt from this experience.

Your marriage is on your mind too. There will be friendly harmony between you and your partner in spite of some disagreement concerning your home surroundings. This could be resolved with friendly and loving communication, as long as you do not let any worry upset you as things could be worked out easily.

You may finally embark on the long-wished-for project of doing up your house. You will need to put in a lot of effort on this, so be certain you have the time and resources before you start the work. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you can contact me.

An active month is on the cards for you, on the home and office fronts.  Even as friends and family keep you busy, you will need to balance priorities, especially with your partner. The new Moon will nudge you to make some ‘me’ time since you need to relax and recoup from all that is going on. An old friend could look you up this month, with Jupiter going direct. This may just be the month when you mend fences that were broken in the past, as an opportunity to do so presents itself organically. Compromise a bit, and the past hurt can vanish. September is busy professionally too, with new contacts made in business.

A relative, friend or acquaintance may ask you for some monetary help. While you may want to extend assistance, this may worry you since a money matter is still unresolved at your end. So, ensure you have the full picture before you decide to help. This is because your emotions could get in the way as you take a decision that backfires. And, as the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, money and expenses will be on your mind.

Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.