Forecast for June

June is foretelling some movement on the career and money front. An opportunity may beckon, despite your relative lack of experience. But don’t let that deter you as you can learn so much on the job. The job will be good for you, in terms of both experience and pay. You will have words with a close friend or family member, as tempers flare in the second half of the month. But even as you express yourself, do not let go of yourself completely, for your unkind words may end up hurting someone you care about. So decide to adopt a rational perspective and dial down on those emotions if you want to keep relationships alive.

Change is on the horizon for you; especially a change in the way you look in terms of a new image. But this is not merely a new look – instead, it can open doors to new friends, new work, new possibilities. While this is exciting, the second half of the month, may bring some disagreements to the fore between yourself and an important person in your life, be it a close friend, partner, or someone at work. But take some quiet time and think things through so you do not overreact and spoil an important relationship.

It is an ideal time to rest your tired mind and put up your feet.  You have been feeling worn out, and drained when it comes to your personal life. You are looking for some caring, and some kind words from loved ones. Be gentle on yourself. Take the help of your friends and family, and things will soon look up. Slowly, things will become clearer, especially on the professional front. 

You will make lots of new friends this month, probably joining a group of people. It should to be a lot of fun. There will some disappointment in the second half, when you lose out on a deal or a promising relationship, business or romantic. Even though you are sad, don’t get into a fight with the other person. You will only end up feeling worse. Instead think of this as a learning experience and see to it that you do not repeat the mistake.

The prospect of a new job is headed your way this month. The reality of this job will fit your expectations perfectly. Things will be hectic on the personal front too. Your family, close and extended, will make substantial demand on your time. You will need to keep them happy by forging a balance between work and home, else you will end up hurting the people you care about. Make time for them, don’t neglect them, even as you work hard on the professional front.

Its a time of endless possibilities, as new promises and possibilities fill your hear with joy and excitement. It could be your studies, or a job, or a new love. Make the most of this opportunity. Remember, though, you are going to be very busy. So take some time out for yourself and seek help. This is essential or you will end up being overwhelmed. As it is, it is a good time to overcome your strong desire for control. Loosen up, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise. 

This promises to be an exciting month for you. First your finances will take a healthy turn, giving you the money you need to start save for your family. And if you are on the lookout for love, break down the wall you have built around yourself. Welcome someone special into your life and you will grow closer this month. The second half of the month will present you with a hard choice. Your decision may hurt someone, but you will have to make the right call nevertheless. 

New ties are on the card, which can be personal or professional. This new partnership will be beneficial for you, giving you a shoulder to lean on. There will be some drastic changes in the second half, in which you break a relationship with a group of people. It may be difficult to do this, and you end up distressing many people. However, you need to make a break for yourself, for these people are only dragging you down emotionally. Help yourself by taking this decision.

An unexpected job offer may come your way, giving you good news on the financial front. You will also take to fitness, either taking up a sport or a new exercise routine to get into shape. Love is in the air and you will start thinking about long-term commitments. The communication factor will play will play a role at work, as your thoughts regarding your performance at work weigh you down. Talking it out and avoiding any misunderstanding is important.

You are itching for change, personally and professionally. Your job is making too many demands on you and you are finding it difficult to balance the personal aspect of your life with the professional. For the singles out there, there’s love in the air in this month if you are looking for it. And it will come without much effort at your end, especially in the second week. Some of your critical doubts look set to be resolved in the latter half. The bottom line: Listen to your instincts as you navigate these changes. 

It’s time for family as you connect with loved ones. You will spend some quality time with your spouse and children and give them many hours of happiness. You will connect at a very deep level with your partner too, and show them just how important they are to you. But do not forget to take care of your health, especially in the second half of the month. As far as finances are concerned, you will need to assert yourself so that you do not lose out in a deal.

Everything revolves around your family. Communication is your strong point this month – you will be able to express yourself freely and attract opportunities. A fluid situation may become clearer as the middle of the month approaches, and the changes this entails could go your way. There may be some stress involving your partner in the third week, but things should work themselves out. Be cautious when investing, and you will reap good money.