Forecast for October

Get ready to welcome opportunities this October – at work, at home, and in your areas of interest. Let’s start with your time at work. Saturn and Jupiter go direct this month, helping you expand your professional network. Think new business, collaborations, partnerships, ways to hustle. Money is also very much a subject this month as you get new avenues. But remember, you need to think things through before you commit, but do consider opportunities seriously.
All this action is sure to bring some stress – but your family will help you navigate through. Your significant other will prove to be your sounding board, and usher in some calm. But take care of anger issues and try to relax and meditate, lest your anger leads to problems at home.
Your love for travel will also come to the fore, and you will get the opportunity to travel. Hopefully, it will be a trip with friends and family. But take care to watch your finances and spend wisely.
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You are set to have a great October, backed by three planets going direct. As Saturn goes goes the right way, the cloud hovering you will lift, filling you with energy and passion. This feeling will extend at work and in your home. You will enjoy what you do at work. And what is more, those around you will notice the difference.
As far as your personal life is concerned, look forward to deep fulfillment with your spouse or partner. And yes, your children, who will give you great joy as you see them flourish. And as Venus enters Sagittarius, it will only help you in your time with your significant other.
The New Moon will give you mental peace. You may turn to spirituality to explore the quiet you. And the Full Moon will make you busier. So you need to find a balance between these two extremes.
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Saturn has certainly made things tougher for you, especially when it comes to your finances. But you are set to see some respite in October as it goes direct. Look for, and pursue, opportunities in your workplace and business – and something good will come out of it. Things will start looking up at work even as the New Moon will help you start a new line of thinking at work. A new job? A new venture? Keep pushing.
As far as your personal life is concerned, you can expect lots of action on the social front. Meeting up with friends and some quality time with your loved ones are all on the cards. The closeness you experience with some people will make you realise their worth in your life.
But be a little wary till the end of the month since your love/family life may be affected. Just lie low and things will blow over.
Your health will become better. You may also look to start a new fitness regimen. All in all, you are set to have a great October.
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October is a time for new beginnings. This phase will start with the New Moon, which will invite you to think anew about various aspects of your life. And it will intensify with Venus making its presence felt in Sagittarius. Put both together and you will feel the courage you need to take those first steps towards your goals, and some love to go with it.
As you embrace this new you, be careful to let go of all the negatives that are holding you back. Jupiter and Saturn will help as they go direct. And Mars will also help in this regard, giving you the power and passion to venture forward.
The Full Moon will be calming as you feel set in this new path you have chosen for yourself. Finances will also sort themselves out.
Exciting times lie ahead, both with your family and at work. So have faith and move forward.
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You will full of energy in October, both at work and play. Moreover, there are a lot of positives in your home life. Not least because you will find your significant other is in harmony with your wishes and goals. Doesn’t it feel great to have someone by your side as you strive to attain your objectives? It’s a month to establish relationships or grow existing ones. And these relationships can be with anyone – your spouse, your child, your friend, your boss…
At the same time, Saturn and Jupiter will be guiding you, with all their power. So break free and clear those doubts. The Full Moon in your sign will only make you realise that it is you who is holding yourself back.
But be careful till Mercury retrograde. You will need to communicate effectively at home, and with colleagues – or you have some problems. But the planet will go direct  on October 18, giving you some respite.
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Take the time to look at both your physical and mental wellbeing. You have been worrying a lot in the past few months. Relax and meditate – you will feel much more healthy and be better able to control all those negative emotions crowding your mind.
This focus on health includes your relationships with your friends and family. Get away from negative people, and which will add an important component to your wellness.
Your love life may start looking up too with Venus moving into your sixth, which will make you feel a lot more positive.
Start making meditation a habit. This will help towards the middle of the month when conflicts could rear their head at work and in your personal life. But Saturn and Jupiter will come to your rescue, helping you disconnect from the negative. Mercury going direct will also help this process, so that you can finally cut away.
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The Moon sets the pace for you this October. Combined with Mercury, it will dictate your heart – and doing things based on what the heart says and not the head will be heightened this month. And you can thank Venus too for that. Take care to pause before you make a decision, or you may regret doing and saying some things. Do remember that feelings are all very well, But if you act only on the basis of feelings without thinking through regarding the repercussions of your actions, you are sure to land in trouble.
So slow down, and also keep in mind your mental well-being. Or it could be a stressful month for you.
But it’s not all worry. Socialising will be on the heavier side – and what is more, it will help feel positive about yourself. And this will help you in your professional life as well.
By the time it’s Full Moon, you will be happy to embrace all that is new in your life and reach for your goals.
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With Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury finally going direct, your confidence and energy are set to receive a massive boost. The New Moon will also contribute – talk about a helpful planetary line-up.
Take advantage of this surge of well-being to work towards your goals – both personal and professional.
In fact, thinking about what changes you want to make to yourself and your habits, and how you want to relate to those around you, will help ensure that this confidence takes you places. This will enable you to plan for the way forward and attain your goals. What’s more, it will help you attract opportunities.
But take care – this confidence should not come across as arrogance with your colleagues and your loved ones. Else, it will backfire. Also, keep an eye on your finances and don’t make any risky moves.
If you address this, things will go well at work. What’s more, the time you spend in self-reflection will help you pace yourself at work so that stress does not overwhelm you. This is essential for your health.
The Full Moon should help you in your personal life, especially with your partner.
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The New Moon will encourage you to spend some valuable time with your family or just chill out at home. And you know that you need this time out. You have been wearing yourself out lately, so there is nothing better than putting up your feet and spending some quality time doing the things you enjoy surrounded by your loved ones.
This period will beneficial for you. The time out may give you some much-needed insight into where you want to go and what you want to do.
Middle of the month though, your energy will get back to its optimum level with Saturn and Jupiter moving the right way. This is sure to fire up your personal and professional life. This is especially for your relationship with your significant other – either your spouse or your love interest. And yes, former flames may also make an appearance till Mercury retrograde ends month-end.
So, there is a lot going on for you – and most of it is positive. But watch out for your health, especially towards the end of the month. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
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Jupiter and Saturn get together to give you a fulfilling month. It’s all about friends and family, as you deepen existing relationships and forge new ties, both business and personal. The human element will make you feel content and happy. Yes, there may be some trouble – but as with its hurdles, you need to work hard and keep going, and success will soon be at hand.
Venus will also add to the positives soon after the first week. It will only add to your network, and give you rich rewards through your contacts.
Things may slow down a tad in the middle of the month, and you may feel yourself becoming more introspective. Don’t fight that feeling. Instead, welcome it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you are seeking in this life.
The Full Moon will propel your creativity and ideas. You will explore this side of you at work, and this will help you become more efficient. But remember to take the time to meditate and calm down – for so much excitement may wear you out. You will need to be at the top of your game to embrace the opportunities on offer. And all this will come to naught if you are weary.
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Togetherness and spirituality. Sounds interesting, right? Well, October will likely see you going places on both these fronts. Jupiter will give expression to your love life – with your spouse, partner or someone new in your life.
The New Moon will be the catalyst for your spiritual thinking – so look forward to being able to feel more calm and content. Turn inwards and think positive thoughts. Make this a practice. Combined with your love life, this is sure to take you another level in your quest for hope.
This calmness will give you the zeal you need to pursue your wishes – either professional or personal. The financial picture will also become clearer.
But remember you will need to work hard to make all this possible. The planets will help you, but if you don’t put in the effort, you will find yourself at the same place where you started out.
Also, Mercury is retrograde till October 18. But that is not very troublesome. Just be careful in your communication and you will do fine.
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Tired? Feeling down and out? Turn to your inner self and those who love you to help you over this bump. And the planets, of course. The New Moon will help you get out of this blue phase by returning to your strength and passion.
Moreover, Saturn will also cement your relationships, especially with that special someone. Let go of negative thoughts and emotions. All this will give you the mental peace you are craving. After all, you are the bull – sure to attain whatever you set your mind to.
This peace and confidence will also help you at work. And Jupiter will provide the much-needed steadying hand. It will give you good luck at work and open up opportunities. This will help your career – but you need to make the first move through hard work and commitment. Success will soon follow.
Your family will be very important, giving you the foundation you need to move ahead at work. So do make some effort for them, sharing happy times and creating memories.
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