Elon Musk holds a distinctive personality status as a great technology entrepreneur, engineer and investor whose company SpaceX is popular aerospace manufacturer and space transportation Services. He is also the co-founder, CEO of Tesla, Inc. He has recently become the richest person on the planet. He is an alumnus from the same Canadian university that I did my graduate studies from.

Birth Details

28/6/1971, 0000 Hours (Midnight), Pretoria

Lagna Chart

ASC Pisces 09-43-29

3rd house of Taurus is Venus 25-33-45 (Lord House) and Saturn 07-40-43

4th house of Gemini has Sun 12-08-05 and Mercury 19-57-55 (Lord House)

5th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 23-04-28

6th house of Leo has Moon 11-01-03

9th house of Scorpion has Jupiter [R] 04-14-30

10th house of Capricorn has Mars 27-24-40 (Exalted) and Rahu [R] 23-04-28


RAH – SAT till 28/ 8/23


Elon Musk has an exceptional chart with lagna Pisces and hence he is a creative person and who is also an out of the box personality. He wears his emotions on his sleeves and can be pretty vocal about them, if things do not go his way. He can lash out at people due to his 6th house Moon and this placement makes him prone to suffer from emotional issues in his life.

He has an excellent chart with path breaking achievements in his profession and also a strong attraction towards the opposite sex. He would be vey popular amongst women and the absence of any planet in his 7th house indicated multiple marriages/ romantic liaisons all through his life.

He was be born into a good family and his siblings would be supportive towards him professionally and personally.

He would live a very comfortable and luxurious life and have landed property and leadership skills. He would be a born leader with both his parents having an auspicious presence and impact on his life.

He would not have enough time for his children but would take care of their needs.

He has a power packed chart when it comes to his professional prowess. He would be well educated and would be a rebel when it comes to his profession and this could land him in legal trouble sometimes but there is more than enough success seen in his life due to his strong focus like a laser beam that he has and he would be a very wealthy person and achieve much more money that what he had ever imagined in his wildest dreams.

Going forward he would continue to do very well in his profession and achieve more success than his wildest dreams though some times he would have to go through tricky situations to see the success, it would come and so would money and fame.


This would continue for the rest of his life.



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