How is Narendra Modi's birth chart?

Birth Details

17/9/1950, 1100 Hours, Mehsana – Gujarat (birth time unverified)

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 01-04-53 has Moon 08-48-22 and Mars 00-56-47 – Excellent lagna house gives him mental strength while being sensitive, a team player and makes him a strong but emotional person who works every waking house. Spirituality, yoga, meditation and pranayam are used by him as strong tools for his emotional/mental strength. Mars is in its lord house in his lagna house is extremely benefic for him.
4th house of Aquarius has Jupiter [R] 06-36-36 – Greatly influenced by spirituality from a young age, humility learnt from mother as too hard work.
5th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 05-12-55 – Gives him strong emotions which only strengthens his resolve for public service.
10th house of Leo has Venus 15-41-47 and Saturn 29-39-13 – Excellent for career and money but he would not save a dime for himself and would only be genuinely interested in the good of others. This is very clear from this house.
11th house of Virgo has Sun 00-35-47, Mercury [R] 00-46-46 and Ketu [R] 05-12-55 – Gives him super fame but he would not be impacted and also disinterested in living a life of luxury; but a simple life without much wants and also his interest in tantra, mantra, astrology, spirituality will hold him in good stead. His retrograde but exalted Mercury gives him immense comforts at his beck and call but he would be a travelling monk in words and in his deeds.

Dasha Periods since Birth

Saturn from 17/ 9/50 till 30/11/61 – Born in humble background but very intelligent from a very young age and has a positive and optimistic temperament. These are God’s gift to him which helped him enjoy his struggle, bear stress and overcome it come up in his life during his early days.
Mercury from 30/11/61 till 30/11/78 – Excellent period which set the tone for his life as a person not living an active married life and also one who rejected luxuries and disciplined his mind which holds him in good stead till now.
Ketu from 30/11/78 till 30/11/85 – Started to get known due to his social and political activities but was mostly unaffected by it.
Venus from 30/11/85 till 30/11/05 – Venus gave him power, and prestige but his aim in life was that of a strict no nonsense disciplinarian who is a true karmayogi and he mentally rejected all the comforts of life including life as a house holder. Became CM of Gujarat during this time period.
Sun from 30/11/05 till 30/11/11 – Excellent period in which due to his ferocious leadership, gained name and fame as a leader of repute. Also keeps quite and prefers to talk selectively and carefully. This period catapulted him as a strong contender for India’s future PM due to is excellent innings as one of the most popular and strong CM of Gujarat.
Moon from 30/11/11 till 30/11/21 – Became Prime Minister in the period as Moon in his lagna chart helped him. Also made his deep emotion of developments of the country come true by working tirelessly as a true karam yogi and would be travelling the country and the world as the best ambassador that India has ever had in the form of PM. Would be working all the time, except sleeping time. Basically emotional person by nature but has become a master of his emotions due to his strong spiritual and disciplinary background first as spiritual monk roaming the Himalayas and then as RSS pracharak from his formative years.
Mars from 30/11/21 till 30/11/28 – Excellent period and in this time he would prove himself as an excellent demonstrator and leader not only in India but on the global scale due to his strong work ethic and no nonsense temperament and good relations with world leaders and blessings of the the people of India.

Additional Analysis

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji who in my humble view is an epitome of fearless leadership and mental strength, a true son of Mother India.
His chart proves to me that if a person lives a disciplined life and gets control over his mind then his house or the planets do not have much impact on him.
Has come up in life by sheer struggle, hard work, discipline, strong work ethic and total devotion only to his work.
I pray to God to give him a long and healthy life so that he may make India a developed country and it looks like he would.