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Jyotshi Vir Bhagat

Consultant Palmist, Astrologer and Spiritualist for 30+ years

Namaste. Nice to meet you.

I’m Vir.

Not Guruji, not Panditji.

I am just another human being, like you.

By training, I am a nuclear engineer. (You may read more about me here.) But by calling and learning, I am an astrologer. (And my clients generally think I am a good one).

People turn to astrology for different reasons.

They may be looking for solutions in the face of overwhelming problems, they may want to know how your life may unfold, or they may need guidance to a take a life-changing decision.

Whatever your reason, my exhaustive astrological analysis of your chart and palm can equip you with knowledge to answer your questions – and resolve your issues. The accuracy of my predictions is very high.

I tell it as I see it, using the intuitive power God and Gurudev have given me, and my astrological expertise, which I have been using for more than 30 years.

Get in touch to make the most of your own life and that of your loved ones.

B.E. (Mech.), M.S.(Robotics), P.Eng.(Ontario)
Astrologer, Palmist and Spiritualist.
Passed out of Yoga, Vedanta Forest Academy 2012, Rishikesh, India
Life Member of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India
Licensed professional engineer- Ontario (Canada) and Michigan (US)
Ex Senior Nuclear Specialist Engineer and Root Cause Team Lead –  Canada

Astrology does not bind by predictions. Instead, it offers an insight into opportunities. Hence, it empowers you to capitalise on your strengths and warns you of pitfalls. In the end, you decide where life goes by leading a life of good karma. I have realised my karmic duty for this birth is as a ‘jyotshi’. I spread the ‘jyoti’ or light, helping people astrologically when they may be going through a tough phase.

Astrology and Palmistry services

Planets are travellers, moving and aligning. Even as they do, they have an impact on us fellow travellers here on Earth. 

To interpret their impact, I offer a range of services at varied price points. These include detailed chart and/or palm reading, chart matching for matrimonial alliances, and birth time determination. You can choose the option which suits your requirements and your budget.

You can consult me in English or Hindi, for a written report or for phone conversation of varying durations, or both. Please contact me for details.

My reports are written in simple language that anyone can understand. This has always been my hallmark – simplifying complex things.

I write these reports, or your Life Plan as I call them, myself. If you do not know your exact birth time, it can be determined.

Mine is what is called radical astrology, where I generally prescribe remedies to boost ill-placed planets. I believe in catching the bull by the horns.

The remedies are based on the karmic philosophy of Hinduism. Though I do prescribe gemstones, I believe that one can change his/her future for the present and subsequent births by doing good karma.


I am very thankful for you. My issues are slowly getting resolved. You are a god sent person for me. I hope this world benefits from you.

Sumanta T, Housewife

A knowledgeable person is rare in today’s world. Anyone who finds one is fortunate. I am now.

Chetan Y, Software Engineer

Talking to you made me realise you have blessings and can see beyond.

Adithya N, Engineer

Thanks for your guidance. Your words will take the stress out of my life.

Deepa S, Physician

After a lot of research I found that your astrological predictions are apt and accurate.

Arun V, Engineer

I have decided to make you our family astrologer. Thanks for your fatherly concern about me.

Tilak V, Engineer

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