Forecast for September

While September will arrive quietly, things will change quite soon. Especially on the home front, and with family. As a challenging time confronts you personally, you may realise that you need to pay heed to your needs too as communication puts a stumbling block in relationships. This happens with Mercury retrograde as a matter of course, and add to your stress. But it also offers a time for you to take stock of your situation and grow. So, it would help if you look at it that way. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like yourself, or if the old you is lost somewhere. These will eventually help you rediscover yourself as you leave the old and embrace the new. The same logic applies in your career, as you consider whether you are satisfied with what you are doing at work. Is what you are doing making a difference to yourself and those around you?  While this may not be the right time to make a move on the career front, perhaps it is time to start planning for it.  Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

Learning, learning and more learning. That’s what September holds for you. This holds true for your personal life, and at work. You may end up taking some courses to hone your skills at work, or gain a further professional advantage. This is especially as Mercury goes retrograde, and you strive to explore options and opportunities in your career. If the process takes time, so be it. Don’t be afraid about the change that is sure to come your way. Welcome it, for it will show you are moving the right way forward. But remember to work towards a specific objective, heading to some place you want to be. And you will get there eventually. On the personal front, it’s a good time to let go of doubts and fears and work on strengthening yourself. To do that you will need to explore your emotions and interactions with the world around you to understand why you do what it is you do. The full moon will help you. Trust yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself. As you understand what drives you, you will become more confident. Things will seem much better towards the end of the month. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

Your personal and professional life is in the spotlight. Your marriage and your relationships are very much on your mind, especially when Mercury is retrograde. So, you will respond by spending a lot of time with your loved ones. Avoid disagreements, and instead be opening to talking, and listening with an open mind. With the retrograde Mercury, disagreements will be easy – so make the effort to be clear in communication, and kind. Some surprises are headed your way this month in this area of your life. As a result, your thoughts will be racing and you will be changing your mind often. So, don’t take any hasty decision, and things will be under control. As the retrograde period tests you, your relationships will feel much stronger. You may have some issues at work in the second half of the month; you may even think of quitting.  Even as you change your mind several times in response to these professional demands, you will realise smart negotiations hold the key to grabbing the opportunity on offer.  You will come to see the work issues are actually be minor differences of opinion that can be resolved by staying cool and talking matters through. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

The financial front has got you thinking, especially with your job possibly not looking very secure at the moment. As a result, you will be devising ways to secure your money. That’s a good thing to do. Work on yourself, your strengths, and you will be able to face any bouncer that may be headed your way. Working on yourself will help you in your personal life too, as you start feeling a little out of sorts with Mercury retrograde. You have been feeling worn out recently, and been drained when it comes to your personal life. Start breaking down the walls you have built around yourself, to protect your heart from being hurt, from being close to those around you. You are looking for some caring, and some kind words from loved ones. Express that desire. Be gentle on yourself. Lean a little on your friends and family, and on the stronger you, and things will soon look up. And yes, listen to yourself when you are itching for some change, some fun. Go and live your life. You will feel much better for it. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

There will be some good news on the relationship front. This relationship may be personal or professional. But what is important is that it will help you. This retrograde is a perfect time for you to listen to what you want and connect with the inner you. That emotion may be positive or negative – but is important for you to understand it so that you can move forward. Accept the change that may follow, for it will be to your advantage. As you pay attention to your needs, you will feel better by the third week, and look forward to the changes in store in your life. Finances too, may see some action. You may get a new idea, or you my also decide to check your spending habits. So there is a lot of change on the cards. It may make you nervous, because you never quite know where the change will take you. Let go. Trust your instinct, and don’t make hasty decisions, and the change may just turn out to be what you have been looking for. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

The month ahead is an exciting one, especially on the professional front. There will be plenty of ideas and energy to help you get ahead. You have been thinking about starting something new professionally, perhaps a business. Don’t make a decision just yet. Think longer and harder before you make up your mind. As far as your personal life is concerned, you will enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. But don’t rake up any past wrongs. Instead, go with the flow and spend some good times with your loved ones. You  may need to slow down a bit to recharge. This mental break will help you. Especially since you have this need to fulfill some of your dreams. Towards the middle of the month, you will be able to devote your energy to these new goals. With your warm personality you will seek out new friends, but be a little careful that you make the right ones. You will also follow your heart and beliefs. Don’t be so scared that you will lose control. Relax a little. And that may propel you towards new horizons. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

It’s the month for friendships. So renew old ties and make new ones, especially around the new moon. You have been thinking a lot about your career recently, especially wondering whether it is fulfilling you. The last week of the month is especially fruitful for your career. And you have the passion and determination to make things happen for you. Yes, may need to strive hard to attain your goal, but you will get there if you keep working. Change at work may just be on the horizon. Through this month, you may harbour a wish to start a new venture, or embark on a new relationship, or make friends with people who may become partners. These are exciting times! But plan for them so that you make the most of the chances when they come your way. You will also appreciate the need to have some me-time this month, so try your utmost for your inner peace. Work on yourself, especially with the Mercury retrograde. Rest and relax, and you soon feel rejuvenated as the month ends. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

It’s a month for relationships. Ties with your significant other, loved ones, friends, and even yourself. An important relationship, either personal or professional, will reach an important milestone, making you think about its importance in your life, and the way you want to go. Don’t decide immediately and don’t make any promises you can’t keep. Don’t give yourself so much to others that you have nothing left for yourself. Always remember that if you overextend yourself, you are of no help to anybody. So, become certain for yourself, else you will rue any commitment you make. Retrograde Mercury will help you know yourself better, so take its assistance. But the Mercury may lead to some confusion regarding money. However, things will soon become clearer. Be careful on the monetary front. Just as you learn about not overextending yourself, do be careful about not overspending. At work, you may feel the need to further express your ideas and personality. But do it gently – you will achieve more that way. Else, things may backfire. At the end of all this, don’t be surprised if you are looking at life with new eyes. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

Focus on friends this month – talk and catch up with everyone in your circle. Who know, you may make new friends in the process. It’s all about communication. Be a good listener and don’t become emotional, and whatever you do, don’t overreact. If you do, you may end up affecting a close relationship. After all, Mercury is retrograde. Your creativity will be in full flow in the beginning of the month, as also the desire to enjoy. However, a romantic interest may run aground this month. Perhaps you need to look for something else in a lover? But don’t throttle your spirit. Instead, kill old fears, let go of past mistakes – and forge new relationships. As Mercury goes retrograde, you will realise you need to work on yourself on multiple fronts – professional, personal, health, and monetary. You will also work on communication, where you have been the victim of many misunderstandings. You will decide to makes some radical changes. For the better. You will use the latter half of the month to rest and recuperate, and emerge refreshed. This process with help you for the next few months.  Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

You want to start new things and to realise old dreams in both your personal and professional life. And you know what? This is the perfect time expand your horizons and explore new frontiers. At the same time, Mercury in retrograde will remind you of mistakes made in chasing some past dreams, encouraging you to steer clear of pitfalls. So review what you want to do, to understand what you should do both in your home and at work. People will not accept your advice unless you realise that you may not always be right, and also understand that you cannot help your near and dear ones all the time. Especially around the new moon. Instead use that energy and enthusiasm to chase your dreams, as we talked about. As for starting new things – thoughts of a new job may have you in their thrall, and a new home. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

You have been working so very hard at home and in office. It’s getting to you, right? You want to get that mojo back, where you feel alive again. Well, the retrograde Mercury may make you feel low and irritable because of communication issues. But no worries. You will finally make a move in the right direction by month-end. You will start your journey to greater self-discovery, perhaps signing up for something new at work, educate yourself with a new course, striving to make yourself better – physically, intellectually and mentally. Think of were you want to go, what you want to do. Take care of yourself. And you will be feeling much better in the latter part of the month. Use this new, improved you to reboot – fulfill your dreams, set new goals, make new memories. But yes, do remember to take your loved ones with you. Be sensitive to their needs and emotions. They will keep you strong. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.

Money may be at the top of your mind. Another issue occupying your thoughts will be your family and friends. With Mercury retrograde, you may start entertaining some misgivings regarding the people in your life. As a result, matters with a close relationship may come to a head. September is going to be a busy month, what with your usual responsibilities at home and work. So make time for yourself – else you may be unable to be there for those around you. Use this time to pursue a relaxing hobby, and to think about your needs. Be honest with yourself, for you have been ignoring your own demands for far too long. So define your personal space, and fill it with thoughts of things you love. This will help you have a healthier relationship with your family. Details can be known through an individual analysis for which you are most welcome to contact me.