Is there one planet which can destroy one’s life as per Vedic astrology?

Yes there is. It is Saturn or specifically if Saturn is debilitated.

Saturn in the wrong house, in enemy position, retrograde also impacts a person adversely but in debilitation its impact is beyond words.


I have during the course of my astrological experiences observed how a debilitated Saturn in ones chart destroys all aspects of one’s life much beyond what can be predicted.

Saturn is the planet connected with one’s profession or karma – hence debilitated Saturn does destroy ones career regardless of the dasha and in debilitation the destruction of Saturn is much more than the career alone.

It saps ones energy and makes one lazy and unable to take any action or do karma. A person with a debilitated Saturn builds castles in the air but in real life they are unable to achieve anything; maybe not even get out of bed (especially in their mahadasha period). This results in uncontrolled miseries for them and their family.

The tragedy is only compounded as the person is unable to come out of his near deluded state and if he or she is forcibly made to (by way of wearing a neelam / blue sapphire or other remedies); then the reality of life hits them like a ton of bricks and they often complain that the stone or the remedy is not suiting them; whereas in fact it is as it is showing them the reality of their life.

Saturn even when well placed shows you your real face in the mirror so that by your hard work and good karma you can take the right actions or do the right karma and make your life. If auspicious placed you get the rewards of your toil but in debilitation you are literally in a near deluded state of mind and unable to comprehend or far removed from the ground reality.

Off course the area it would hit deepest depends on the house in which Saturn is placed and also there can be some cosmic cushion if other powerful planets (Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter) are auspiciously placed in the chart but regardless there is immense suffering in life.

There are remedies available and the first step is getting such people to a good astrologer and then making the person aware of his or her chart and how he or she should fashion every aspect of their life as per it.

As I have seen that awareness and driving down deep this point into a person with a debilitated Saturn and his family is tough but possible. Often they come with a lot of negative baggage about astrology and astrologers and how they have been cheated etc. and to some extent that may be true. Though that makes the job tougher. There have even been cases where people have also been deserted by their families so there is a lot of negativity and mistrust in the whole situation.

But if an astrologer has achieved drilling deep into their head about their chart, it is half the job done as people under the influence of a debilitated Saturn often lash out at anyone who wants or tries to bring them out of their deluded dream zone.

I have seen many such charts and my challenge has always been about making them understand the ground reality and ask them to start doing the remedies as I deem fit. But it is tough and I end up expending a lot of my energy on it which in other cases is just done by way of a normal and frank conversation.

Here I have to be mentally prepared to being lashed out at and also being challenged , so some extra preparation on my part is also required and after I have told them what I see in their chart and got a communication or commitment from them that they would adhere to the remedies – I usually move on.

But I know in my heart that the success rate is low but even with being made aware there can be some improvements.

There is only so much I can do.