As an astrologer do you see often see
your chart and do remedies?

I entered into palmistry and astrology during my engineering days, more than 3 decades back as a professional palmist had predicted in the year 1988 that I would not live to see the year 1992. He had predicted I would be killed in a road accident.
By 1992, I had graduated and become an engineer but most of my time apart from my engineering studies was spent on doing a deep research into astrology, palmistry, the concept of death and its prediction etc. During those initial years (1988) years i did study my chart and palm in minute details and had made my peace with it once and for all by the time i graduated as an engineer.
Hence, along with my engineering degree, which was visible to the world and got me a high-paying job, what also came due to my karma alone was the knowledge of astrology and palmistry. Though i had no paper to show for it but by 1992 i was already seeing palms and charts of my college mates, family and relatives and people used to come to me.
Coming to this question – After 1989, I have not seen my chart or palm in a serious or obsessive way.
But during the years 1988–89 itself, I had prescribed myself some gemstones which I wear till date.
As mentioned though it is natural for a person like me to glance at my palm ever so often, but i do not obsess over it as i have already seen it in minute detail and can say that since 1992 my lines have changes for the better (maybe because i have stopped caring about them). Similarly i have not taken a serious view at my chart but do know about it well.
I have always been a spiritual person and believe in the concept of doing good karma and try to do the same in my own small way and have surrendered to the will of Devi Ma and my Gurudev long back.
My research has also taught me that death can not be accurately predicted by a normal human being and people should be wary of such dire predictions!