As per Vedic astrology, is Dhoni's chart really cool?

Dhoni’s journey has been nothing short of terrific – from a Indian Railways ticket collector(TC) to a national hero and a run (and money) making machine.

He always seems cool, calm and composed in his demeanour even under severe pressure circumstances.

My guess is that he must be having a powerful lagna as well as auspicious 9th, 10th and 11th houses as whatever he touches turns into Gold!

Let us take a look at his chart and see how his planets have helped him reach where he has.

Birth Details

7/7/1981, 1115 Hours, Ranchi

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 12-31-35 has Moon 00-11-01, Jupiter 09-10-15, Saturn 10-15-36 – Excellent for his emotional strength, luck , career, although i must say that captain cool does lose his cool but he channels his anger in a positive way. He is self made and has taken little or no support from his family for his achievements.

5th house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 09-00-0 – Terrific for belief in God, spirituality, tantra and mantra. This keeps him grounded.

9th house of Taurus has Mars 28-49-22 – Excellent for his career rise as an cricketer par excellence, leadership skills as well as team building acumen.

10th house of Gemini has Sun 21-26-25 and Mercury 03-19-05 – Super excellent for money, luxury, positivity, strong soul especially as Mercury is in its lord house. Also the presence of a god father figure would help him immensely in becoming rich.

11th house of Cancer has Venus 15-24-42 and Rahu [R] 09-00-01 – Excellent for name and fame.

GOLDEN Dasha Periods in his incredible life

SUN for 6 Years from 7/ 7/81 till 8/12/85 – Formative years excellent as was ably guided by his father who instilled in him the values of self reliance, hard work and positivity.

MOON for 10 Years from 8/12/85 till 8/12/95 – Started to get noticed due to his mental doggedness.

MARS for 7 Years from 8/12/95 till 8/12/02 – Really started to shine on the field and his leadership skills were also recognized.

RAH for 18 Years from 8/12/02 till 8/12/20 – Golden period but a bit tricky with his share of controversies but his Rahu helped/would help his consolidate his position as a mature and world class cricketer although there was some winding down on cricketing commitments but an overall increase in his wealth is seen due to his benefic Rahu. He is presently undergoing this period and we would have noticed that his excellently placed Rahu has made even our ‘captain cool’ lose his cool on occasions but his is destiny’s golden boy. Court cases etc would dog him during this phase due to ill advised litigation.

JUPITER for 16 Years from 8/12/20 till 8/12/36 – The excellent period starts again as chapter 2 (off field) of his stupendous career where he would be lucky is his various businesses and ventures.

SATURN for 19 Years from 8/12/36 till 8/12/55 – Again a golden period would be at the top in his 2nd innings as a truly master businessman.

MERCURY for 17 Years from 8/12/55 till 8/12/72 – Would be living the life of a prince in absolute luxury.

Additional analysis

No planet in enemy house.

All his planets auspiciously placed

Trine houses (Lagna , 5th and 9th) powerfully populated.

If you whine or talk negative stuff with him once that would be the last time he would talk to you -he would simply ignore you regardless of who you are.

He is a self made man with truly a cosmic golden touch the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

and now Lt. Col M.S. Dhoni – One blessed life so many avatars !