Can a kundli analysis be done for Disha Patani?

Please read this as it shows what is required for an ordinary small town girl to not only become a superstar in Mumbai but also to have everlasting success.

Disha Patani is an interesting case. From being a relatively unknown person to having fame at such a young age is indeed what dreams are made of.

How has she done it ? Is this dream a long term one or just a ‘”flash in the pan”?

That can be known only by a detailed chart analysis.

Whatever be the case – one thing is certain her life has changed forever. There are millions of ladies who would want to be in her position.

She is indeed lucky and has planets that have supported her.

Let us now analyze Disha’s chart from the details available.

As her time of birth is not known let me by way of an iterative process find out her time of birth based on the information available in the public domain. It requires effort but she and the readers deserve it!

Birth Details : 13/6/1992, 1210 Hours (determined by self), Bareilly

Lagna Chart

ASC Leo 28-30-43 has Jupiter 13-32-29 – Excellent for education (she is an engineer), lucky and progeny issues and also makes her a strong willed person.

4th house of Scorpion has Moon 06-20-11 – She would have some issues with her mother or her mother’s health might suffer and she may become emotionally ultrasensitive at times.

5th house of Sagittarius has Rahu [R] 07-20-51 – Excellent for happiness from children.

6th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] Capricorn 24-31-07 – Excellent as Saturn is in its lord house and hence even though retrograde she would work hard and do well in her profession and get professional rewards. This is a huge cosmic save and reward for her but she has to be wary of people trying to exploit her.

9th house of Aries has Mars 05-13-18 – Excellent as Mars in in its lord house especially for career , prestige and leadership skills. She would know how to maneuver the Hindi film industry due to her powerful Mars.

10th house of Taurus has Sun and 28-45-18 Venus 28-38-50 – Excellent as Venus is in its lord house would help her make a name in the film industry and earn a lot of money have very rich and well known romantic and life partner but she would remain reserved (or seem shy) to the outside world due to her Sun.

11th house of Gemini has Mercury 13-14-18 and Ketu [R] 07-20-51 – Excellent as Mercury is in its lord house and would give her fame,all the luxuries in the world and also make her a known name, she would not let this get into her head and hence would remain grounded.

Dasha periods in her life

  • Saturn for 19 Years from 13/ 6/92 till 3/ 3/07 – Would have worked very hard but seen success too in her early life including in her academics.
  • Mercury for 17 Years from 3/ 3/07 -till 3/ 3/24 – This is the planet that made her DISHA PATANI her Mercury in the lord house and this golden period would continue till 2024.
  • Ketu for 7 Years from 3/ 3/24 till 3/ 3/31- She could all of a sudden settle down with a rich and famous man and lead a very good family life.
  • Venus for 20 Years from 3/ 3/31 till 3/ 3/51 – She would along with her spouse do film production and make tons of money along with acting.

Additional Analysis


  • Bollywood, be aware. Here comes the challenger who is there to stay and shine!
  • With 4 planets in their lord houses she is unbeatable and this is what is takes to be thrown out of the bylanes of Bareilly (UP) to the heights of success in the dreamland Mumbai !She would achieve it.
  • She has a very powerful chart and is extremely blessed.
  • She also has a sensible head on her shoulders.
  • God blessings are with you Disha – you are on the right track (and disha) in your life!