Can any astrologer predict Irrfan Khan’s health?

Written on October 1, 2019 (Irrfan left us on 20/4/20)

Like most I was also shocked by Irrfan Khan’s viral picture of returning back to India bound in a wheelchair. It bothered me and hence I wanted to study his chart.

It seems to me that Irfan Khan a.k.a. Irrfan Khan a.ka. Irrfan’s trusted astrologers must have foretold him about his success and fame as a marvellous Bollywood actor and it sounds like he was also warned about rough cosmic winds.

This can be estimated as he has at the bare minimum consulted a numerologist and changed the spellings of his name but could not be saved.

As with most celebrities his birth time is not known and hence I have determined it by way of birth time rectification process.

Birth Details ( Determined) : 7/1/1967, 0505 Hours, Tonk, near Jaipur.

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Scorpion 21-08-11 has Moon 06-06-07 – Matter of great concern as Moon debilitated, hence he would have to be careful for life for stress and stress related ailments as well as emotional issues. People with debilitated Moon cannot just shrug off their past baggage and move on. Also his life and health was/is tied to that of his mother. Additionally being a Scorpion ASC made him emotional, but one to hide them, which is never good for a person having his Moon debilitated. Sometimes it’s good to cry and share your sufferings and emotions with people.

2nd house of Sagittarius has Sun 22-35-16 and Mercury 15-54-40 – Excellent and parents were a source of great help to him and he comes from a good family.

3rd house of Capricorn has Venus 06-50-01 – Good for marriage and relations with siblings but it is to be noted that it was during this dasha that his rare form of cancer diagnosis was made public. But the real culprits are his Moon, Rahu and Ketu and the severe emotional stress caused by them all through his life and they would reach its peak during his yet to come Moon mahadasha. He would get all the success in the film world during this time but it would come at a great cost.

5th house of Pisces has Saturn 00-59-12 – Close to father and also excellent for career though he would not get the share of stardom that he deserves. Lots of struggle and eventual success but with manifold stress and unmanageable stress. would have healthy children.

6th house of Aries has Rahu [R] 19-36-26 – Good for spiritual belief and mantra / tantra or its equivalent as per his faith but bad for his anger and aggression as they would only cause people to oppose him or be his secret enemies.

9th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] Cancer 07-45-54 – Excellent as Jupiter exalted and this is the planet that made him successful in his career and earn a lot of money and fame. Also his Jupiter made him well trained in his craft and a professional and self made actor. But the planet’s retrograde motion gave him stress – which he could not emotionally handle.

11th house of Virgo has Mars 23-28-34 (Enemy) – Good for fame but delayed fame and less than what he deserved; also he would be shy by nature and not like the limelight – another factor that only added to his stress.

12th house of Libra has Ketu [R] 19-36-26 – A nice and genuine human being and would give a lot to charities and help people.

Dasha periods since birth

  • Saturn from 7/ 1/67 till 27/ 1/82 – Good initial 19 years of his life that set the foundation for the strong professional struggle ahead.
  • Mercury from 27/ 1/82 till 27/ 1/99 – Continued to do well and lived his low profile life while earning decent money as an actor.
  • Ketu from 27/ 1/99 till 27/ 1/06 – A tricky time where he went against his grain and turned professional and started acting in big budget movies, with bought with it all the attention, huge amounts of cash and fame and all the issues related to it, so a defining time in his life which only amplified his success and he emotionally could not adjust to this level of limelight.
  • Venus from 27/ 1/06 till 27/ 1/26 – This is the dasha that he is going through and in this time he would have shone in the glamour world and became a big star and stated to make big bucks but stress finally got to him and in 2018 the public announcement was made that he was suffering from a rare form of Cancer. It is stress related and his recovery is dependent on him controlling his stress. The main culprit is his lagna house Moon. Limelight would not suit him.
  • Sun from 27/ 1/26 till 27/ 1/32 – Let me be positive and hope he gets better as his Sun period is very good and he would in this time be able to do well on the health front and also do direction.
  • Moon from 27/ 1/32 till 27/ 1/42 – His Moon period is an extremely bad period for him.

Additional Analysis and Health Prognosis

  • His illness is the result of his debilitated Moon in the lagna house and the resultant stress that has been built up in him over time.
  • Hence this stress has to be controlled NOW.
  • He is a gentle and decent soul and a nice human being.
  • He is also deeply spiritual person.
  • I Pray to God and Gurudev for his good health.
  • Rest I only hope and pray that he does the remedies for his debilitated Moon as its harmful for him throughout his life and especially so in his Moon mahadasha.
  • It once again confirm my strong conviction on the power of the planet Moon in astrology. While Sun is directly linked to a person’s IQ; Moon is linked to EQ. IQ gets you to your goal and EQ keeps you there.
  • Let me restate that death can never be predicted ( the next breath could be the last for any one of us) and hence we should always hope and pray for the best despite that fact that cancer is a deadly illness but he is also getting the best of cure.
  • Rest it’s his karma, as I am reminded of a famous anonymous saying “ Be careful what you wish for, as it might come true”