Can an astrologer predict death?

  1. My death – When I was a teenager, I went to a palmist close to my college and I paid his fee of Rs 20 (a big amount for me then). I remember, he was all decked up like a magician and, on seeing my palm, he said you will die in the next four years. That is when my journey as a palmist really started. I was already introduced to it as my father is also an astrologer/ palmist (in addition to being an IIT- Kharagpur engineer). But this was the turning point. I thought how could he predict this? Now after seeing countless palms, I know the answer. The bottom line is, I did not die as predicted, infact I am writing about it three decades later is an indication of how much that event impacted my life. I took it positively and challenged his prediction and dug very deep into palmistry on my own.
  2. My colleague – After college, I was working in my first job as an engineer in Delhi and, as was my habit, I used to notice everyone’s palms. If I found something out of the way or interesting, I would request them to show me their palm and let me read it in detail. But I would not tell them much. I remember vividly this senior engineer in my company about 10 years older to me. I read his palm and something told me that there was some serious problem with his life line. I remember i felt upset and had an eerie feeling on holding his palm in my hands. However life went ahead full steam for me, I soon left the company and went overseas and lost total contact with all my former colleagues. When I returned to India after 15 years, I met some of my former colleagues and I casually asked about the person in question. I was told he had died. Memories flooded me as I still remembered something in his palm had given me an uneasy feeling. I had seen hundreds of palms with similar lines – but none have given me that eerie feeling, that I got around 2 decades back. I felt very sad and remember that colleague and his smiling face even now.
  3. My best friend – My best friend from college was one of the most sensible and logical persons that I have ever met and knew. He had this uncanny common sense, street smartness and the ability to get to the bottom of any situation. He belonged to a very rich landed family and was also the only child. But in mid-adulthood, he had fallen prey to the bad habit of drinking. Whenever I used to visit the city were he lived, I would stay with him. He was the only person from whom I sought personal advice. Of course, I had seen his palm. It was an excellent palm. I had told him that “your palm has all the excellent attributes – money, power, family, fame and good health – why are you destroying yourself by drinking so much?” He was headstrong and would not listen. On top of this, he had a Harley. Two years ago, I had visited him for a week and, as usual, he had drunk himself silly and been the cause of embarrassment to one and all. Still, when I reached home it came as a major surprise and personal blow to me when I learnt that he had passed away in a freakish road accident. I swear there I saw absolutely no indication in his palm about his death.

Conclusion – The only thing common in all the three stories above is that sudden death and death in general cannot be predicted by palmistry and astrology. These domains are beyond science, and they give indications of all spheres of a person’s life, except death.

Death is one secret that God divulges to no one, be it a palmist, astrologer or face reader. As my Gurudev said, “Life on planet earth is a single entry tourist visa whose expiry date we do not know”.

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