Can astrology say if I will have more than one marriage?

The issue of divorces in marriages are epidemic globally and are leading to societal ruin in my humble opinion. It is a very sad event in one’s life and comes right at the top of the list of ways in which humans suffer after a death in the family or that of a loved one. Hence ones should get married with care and caution as the choice of your life partner could the reasons for 90% of your happiness or grief.

There are definive ways of knowing if one would have multiple marriages or marriage troubles as per Vedic astrology. There is no fixed formula (as per planets and their positioning in houses) for the same and hence I am giving below a case study of the lagna chart of a person who had multiple marriages and severe marriage troubles.

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Cancer 19-12-10 has Sun 26-12-07 and Venus 21-31-41 – Excellent – Positive personality, good looking and good at self protection. The flip side of an excellent Venus is also extramarital affairs and romantic liaisons even after marriage if one is not careful – ‘Venus’s curse’.
  • 2nd house of Leo has Mercury 11-05-10 – Excellent
  • 3rd house of Virgo has Mars 00-07-55 – Low degree Mars and non manglik
  • 6th house of Sagittarius has Ketu [R] 27-28-32 – Sudden and serious trouble by spouse due to strong and nasty Ketu leading to loss of interest in partner
  • 7th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] 26-25-07 – Extreme stress, anxiety in personal/married life but there is some relief too as Saturn is in its lord house. Not enough though to save marriage.
  • 10th house of Pisces has Jupt [R] 26-08-17 – Very good, some challenges in profession due to retrograde Jupiter but since it is in a good house it would not harm that much.
  • 11th house of Taurus has Moon – 05-54-33 – Excellent and along with ASC and 10th house gives Money and recognition.
  • 12th house of Gemini has Rahu [R] 27-28-32 – Serious trouble from partner and makes one lose interest in the marriage/relationship.



  • Lagna, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 12th houses would ensure that despite having everything the native would not have marital success, in fact there would be multiple marriages and none of them would work unless a scientific match is found.
  • The native would have many relationships/marriages but no stable life partner.