Can the chart of 'King Khan' Shahrukh be analyzed?

It looks to me that emotions rule him describe him as he seems to be temperamental, emotional and gets hurt. Proof is that after the debacle of his last 2 movies he has not signed any more film till date. But no harm done and it is hoped that he would bounce back. I remember seeing first him on the television in the late 1980s and then in blockbuster movies (like Baazigar) when i had just completed my engineering.

Let us see what makes Shahrukh Khan !

Birth Details (unconfirmed)
2/11/1965, 0230 Hours, Delhi

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Leo 21-47-47 – Genuine and warm person and with leadership skills.
3rd house Libra has Sun 15-51-56 – Health of father and younger sibling an area of concern as are doubts and negativity that would influence his thinking from time to time as Sun is debilitated. Area of serious concern. Very lucky that his Sun mahadasha would not come in his lifetime.
4th house of Scorpion has Mars 27-19-59, Mercury 06-07-34 and Ketu(R) 12-27-09- Mars in own home – Mother had a major role to play in shaping him and also making him religious and spiritual. A life of comforts and luxury assured to him to to his Mercury and his Mers being in its lord house makes him a great consensus builder and reinforces leaderships skills in him that his ASC house gives. Ketu in this house also makes him impulsive.
5th house of Sagittarius has Venus 02-24-47 – His wife and children would have an extremely benefic impact on him as a person and they would be very lucky for him. He would have good looking and intelligent children.
6th house of Capricorn has Moon 21-32-29 – Sensitive by nature and can have a foul mood if pushed too much.
7th house of Aquarius has Saturn (R) 17-13-13 – His spouse(Gauri Khan) would be the centre of his world and also would be the pivot that stabilized him/his entire life. Due to the stability that is provided by his spouse he would do extremely well professionally and she would also be an enterprising person and his equal partner. That is how critical his Saturn (even though retrograde) in its own house that being the 7th house is. The retrograde motion does create some complications though !
10th house of Taurus has Rahu (R) 12-27-09 – His Rahu would give him money and wealth beyond his wildest imagination.
11th house of Gemini has Jupiter (R) 07-37-07 – He would have luck and fame at his feet and but sometime he could also be in the news for controversies. These would mainly be due to his emotional nature (6th house Moon). But he would also be sophisticated, polished and well educated thus able to handle controversies gracefully.
Dasha periods in his life and its interpretation

Moon from 2/11/65 to 6/ 3/67 – Tough initial years of life.
Mars from 6/ 3/67 to 6/ 3/74 – His life picked up steam and he gained in confidence during this period.
Rahu from 6/ 3/74 to 6/ 3/92 – Life defining Rahu dasha where he met his sweetheart (wife) and got married in 1991 and started to earn good money from his ever expanding fame. The couple became life and celestial partners and his wife chart has had a benefic impact on his already good chart and taken him (and herself) to success, wealth and fame.
Jupiter from 6/ 3/92 to 6/ 3/08 – Excellent period for money and fame and family happiness. Enters other business areas and earnings multiply.
Saturn from 6/ 3/08 to 6/ 3/27 – This is his present dasha and though he would be working hard (along with his spouse) but the rewards (to both of them as a joint team), whether it be films, production, other areas would be stupendous and would take the family unit to the stratosphere. He would also bask in the glory of his and his families success.
Mercury from 6/ 3/27 to 6/ 3/44 – Living in the lap of luxury he would still be acting as a superhero and enjoying the fruits of his other businesses but the private and emotional (childlike) Shahrukh would also be getting more and more spiritual and religious and looking inwards.
Additional Comments

He is a simpleton and uncomplicated or a childlike person at heart.
An absolute dedicated family man.
Extremely emotional and passionate person.
Basically a good man and see what God does if your karmas are good!
He should take care of his emotional health.