Can the birth chart of superstar and politician Kamal Haasan be analyzed?

Can the birth chart of superstar and politician Kamal Haasan be analyzed?
Kamal Haasan needs no introduction to people all over India so let me jump right into it. He has been acting in movies for decades and has recently also joined active politics, after having been a political activist for years.

Birth Details : 7/11/54, 0615 Hours, Paramakkudi – TN

Lagna Chart and its interpretation :

ASC Libra 21-56-08 has Sun 20-51-11 (Debilitated), Mercury (R)05-44-60, Saturn 19-06-21 (Exalted) – Excellent and life defining lagna house – Exalted Saturn would make him a self made king via his hard work and profession, but retrograde Mercury would have him work hard in tough circumstances and his Sun would give him lack of proper foresight which can harm his personal life. But being a Libra ASC makes for an eventful life.

2nd house of Scorpion has Venus (R) 03-49-14 – Marriage problems plus difficulty in adjusting with women or relationship related disharmony due to retrograde and weak Venus.
3rd house of Sagittarius has Rahu (R) 15-06-06 – Excellent support of siblings who would be involved with his personal and professional life.

4th house of Capricorn has Mars 17-43-27 (Exalted) – Huge impact his mother had on his personality, was auspicious for him and additionally his exalted Mars helps him overcome to some extent the ill impact of his debilitated Sun and also makes him a tactful team player as well as a leader. He has an auto switch.

6th house of Pisces has Moon 00-45-09 – Sensitive and ready to take up a fight for a good cause and expose his emotional side if pushed to the corner. Not good for health.

9th house of Gemini has Ketu (R)15-06-06 – Career excellence due to Ketu and his exalted Saturn in the lagna house.

10th house of Cancer has Jupiter 06-32-08 (Exalted) – Excellent house and makes him wise beyond years, well educated and have very intelligent children plus makes him extremely lucky and wealthy.

Dasha periods since birth

Jupiter from 7/11/54 to 12/12/57 – Excellent time and born into an excellent family and started working as a child artist in his next exalted Saturn period.

Saturn from 12/12/57 to 12/12/76 – The super time continues as after being born in his exalted Jupiter mahadasha he encounters his exalted Saturn mahadasha which catapulted him to the path of career success, fame and fortune.

Mercury 12/12/76 to 12/12/93 – A dip in his time as he encounters personal issues. He was married multiple times during this times both eventually failing due to his retrograde and weak Venus as well as his 7th house being empty but career flourished due to his exalted planets. Additionally his retrograde Mercury made him insensitive in his personal relations and Mercury being in the same house as his debilitated Sun made him take wrong and personal decisions.

Ketu 12/12/93 to 12/12/00 – Excellent time for career and some stability in his personal life as well during this time.

Venus 12/12/00 to 12/12/20 – Again testing Venus which resulted in his marriage and relationship failures. But his professional life continued to go from strength to strength. This is present dasha period and he has also taken a jump into active politics. Though he would not suffer from the professional point of view but during this time, but he would be taking wrong personal decisions. He has to do the remedies for his Venus and Sun, so that his personal life, as well as his new life a politician is a success.

Sun 12/12/20 to 12/12/26 – Testing time for him though with the remedies for his Sun he could make it manageable but he has to take care of his health and well being and avoid being overexerted during this period of his debilitated Sun.

Moon 12/12/26 to 12/12/36 – The stressful times continues during his 6th house Moon period, in which he would be at his rebellious best at the cost of his health and wellbeing.

Additional Analysis


  • 3 exalted planets are what made Kamal Hassan rich and famous.
  • He has to be careful as starting December 2020 his debilitated Sun mahadasha starts followed by 10 years of his 6th house Moon mahadasha and these would be tough on his health.
  • Remedies for his Sun, Moon and Venus must.
  • As mentioned his lagna house has enough firepower to make his life eventful but he also has the benefic cushion of two exalted planets (Mars and Jupiter).
  • Except his married life, all others aspects of his life are great.