Can the chart of Hillary Clinton be analyzed?

Hillary Rodham nee Clinton is the wife of Bill Clinton, and herself a powerful and influential politician in the United States. She came close to become the president of that country but lost the election to Donald Trump.

She is a strong woman and one of her famous quotes that I remember are ‘’If you can’t stand the heat – don’t come into the kitchen’’.

Often the rich and the powerful have had to struggle a lot in their lives against all sorts of odds that is what her statement seems to imply to me about her struggles and how she has emerged victorious in the end.

Let me take a look at her chart and get to know more about her.

Birth Details (unconfirmed) : 26/10/1947, 0802 Hours, Chicago – IL – USA

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Libra 29-00-01 has Sun 09-11-40 (debilitated), Mercury [R] 28-16-41 and Venus 23-07-16 (Lord house) – This makes her a self made person who has come up the hard way, worked in tough situations and has a temper due to her Mercury and could have achieved a lot more but her arrogance and pride cost her a lot in her life in terms of bad judgments due to her debilitated Sun. She is one who enjoys life and its material comforts and would live a lavish lifestyle due to Venus being in its lord house.

2nd house of Scorpion has Jupiter 07-24-28 and Ketu [R] 01-12-33 – Well educated and blessed with intelligent child(ren) and excellence in the studies and the legal profession, though she had to work a lot for everything in life due to her auspicious Jupiter. Ketu makes her superstitious.

5th house of Aquarius has Moon 29-43-37 – Her mother is/was a source of strength for her and would play a very important role in her life and would practically be raising her child for her. Very close to her mother which is auspicious for her. Her Moon is extremely well placed and powerful. It also gives her the much needed mental strength and doggedness.

8th house of Taurus has Rahu [R] 01-12-33 – Sudden and unexpected events would lead to health issues and she is required to be careful all her life about health issues, especially given her debilitated Sun and Mars in addition to her Rahu.

10th house of Cancer has Mars 20-53-06 (Debilitated)and Saturn 28-09-11(Enemy) – Money in and money out due to debilitated Mars and she would have to work a lot in her life for professional success and she would also have to bear a lot of insults and controversies in her career due to her Saturn but would also make huge amount of money for which she might land into controversies too.

Dasha periods since birth

Jupiter from 26/10/47 till 24/ 2/52- Excellent time and born in a well to do and educated family and excelled at school herself. Her Jupiter is benefic.

Saturn from 24/ 2/52 till 24/ 2/71 – Worked very hard to establish herself professionally and this was time of struggle for her but she excelled in her education and also got into political activism early on which formed the blue print for her career. Saturn would give her a lot in life but take a lot too in terms of stress. It put her on the right path.

Mercury from 24/ 2/71 till 24/ 2/88 – Life altering time though was challenging too. Met her future husband Bill and also studied further, did activism and assisted her husband as his political advisor for local elections and became first lady of Arkansas and during this time set the ball rolling for becoming the first lady of the US. All due to her retrograde Mercury on the lagna house. She literally became a tomboy and found her calling in life during this time.
Ketu from 24/ 2/88 till 24/ 2/95 – Excellent time and during her fast paced Ketu period became the FLOTUS. This as her Jupiter is also beneficially placed in her second house with her Jupiter and hence the foundation of success was/is legal education.

Venus from 24/ 2/95 till 24/ 2/15 – This was the best time in her life till date, with Venus in its own home being the lagna house, one could not ask for a better time and hence remained first lady of US and after that launched a very successful career as a politician herself as a popular US senator. These 20 years of her Venus helped her branch out on her own.

Sun from 24/ 2/15 till 24/ 2/21- Present dasha and challenging period due to her debilitated Sun and she had to encounter many controversies during this time and also lost the US presidential bid to Donald Trump. This period would go till February 2021 where her efforts would not give her the required results and infact her reputation and health may suffer.

Moon from 24/ 2/21 till 24/ 2/31 – Her excellent 5th house Moon would again catapult her to political stardom and she could again stand for election for POTUS and this time her chances would be stronger.

Mars from 24/ 2/31 till 24/ 2/38 – This is the time where she has to take extreme care of her health and due to her debilitated Mars and she would have to cut back on her political or public duties.

Additional comments

She needs to do the remedies for her debilitated Sun and Mars and they would help her directly and also catapult her to the office of POTUS after February 2021.

All houses after her 2nd house Ketu till her 8th house Rahu empty except her auspicious and life saving 5th house Moon – she would be consumed by her public life at the cost of her personal life for which she would not get much time. However her 5th house is a saviour house that acts like a cushion and softens the blow in terms of her being able to manage the issues in her personal life craftily.
GO HILLARY GO is her mantra !