Dhan yoga combinations
that make a millionaire

I do not ascribe to ‘dhan yoga’ or most of the yogas and doshas labeling in vedic astrology as its intention is not about accuracy in chart reading but rather labeling a set of planets and/or houses as friendly or evil – without even considering the complete chart.

In my opinion they are at best general in nature like when you read your weekly horoscope.

But what I can do is share and analyze an India billionaire’s chart and see what planets he had.

Below is Late Shri Dhiribhai Ambani’s chart analysis. Everyone around the world knows about his life and his stupendous career achievements.

You would see that even the richest of people have unfriendly planets as that is what makes them superhuman when they rise above challenges and make their lives and the lives of billions of Indian and even people of the world directly and indirectly. They live for others and hence spirituality is a part of their chart.

And you would also see that there are no fixed rules for ‘raj yoga or dhan yoga’ and how important degrees and placement of dasha are in ones chart.


As per available information his birth details are as follows. This is of course unconfirmed.

Birth Details – December 28, 1932, 0637 Hours, Veraval – GJ (Venus – Jupiter antardasha)

Demise – 6th July 2002 , Mumbai – MH – (Saturn – Mercury antardasha)



Rasi Lord


Lagna Chart

ASC Sagittarius 01-30-36 has Sun 13-11-38 and Moon 21-06-37

2nd house of Capricorn has Saturn 10-40-39

3rd house of Aquarius has Rahu [R] 18-11-25

9th house of Leo has Mars 24-08-46 and Ketu [R] 18-11-25

10th house of Virgo has Jupiter 00-07-14

12th house of Scorpion has Mercury and 21-44-16 Venus 15-26-42

Dashas from birth to demise and their brief analysis


Venus from 28/12/32 till 29/ 4/41 – 12th house – Hard work and struggle period.

Sun from 29/ 4/41 – 29/ 4/47 – Lagna house – Excellent time starts.

Moon from 29/ 4/47 – 29/ 4/57 – Lagna House – Excellent time

Mars from 29/ 4/57 – 29/ 4/64 – 9th house – Excellent time

Rahu from 29/ 4/64 – 29/ 4/82 – 3rd house – Very Good time and got lots of support in his professional life but also faced tricky situations that were handled well by him.

Jupiter from 29/ 4/82 – 29/ 4/98 – 10th house – Excellent time and also good support from his children as Jupiter auspiciously placed.

Saturn for from 29/ 4/98 – 29/ 4/17 – 2nd house – Excellent for profession – due to his Saturn in its lord house, his business grew manifolds during this period but as even the best placed Saturn gives stress, strain along with tension – hence health suffered and left his body during this period.

Mercury from 29/ 4/17 – 29/ 4/34 – Would have been challenging time – 12th house – Passed on prior to its onset.


Additional Analysis

Worked up his way through combination of hard work and planets.

Has worked all his life till last breath.

Lucky to have intelligent children.

Not enough time for family as so busy throughout life with work.

A thorough Karma-Yogi.

Passed away during his Saturn-Mercury phase, Mercury is in the 12th house and Saturn is in its lord house (2nd house) so even though due to his name the business had jumped by leaps and bounds during the Saturn phase but he left his body as Saturn gives results but also stress, strain and tension.

12th house planets in lagna charts denote spiritual side, thought of and worked for others happiness without concern for self.

A gift for mother India to have had such a son.