Do any astrologers and/or palmists teach?

I asked this question as I have been asked by many to teach them astrology or if they can be astrologers too. Though I have a mind to start teaching but I find it difficult as a big part of my predictions are based on my gut feel about a chart or a palm that I see. I have noticed that now whenever I see a chart or palm I just start talking. How do I teach that?

As I have said before – in my humble view it is easy to teach astrology and or palmistry but it is difficult to learn it. This means that I can easily teach people the theoretical aspects but that would not guarantee that they start making accurate predictions. For that apart from the basic knowledge a strong ESP, sensitivity, and knowledge and understanding of the scriptures are needed as are needed virtues that make you want to help other people. I do not believe one can take a course to become a professional astrologer. It has to come from within you.

Let me tell you about my journey into astrology, palmistry and spirituality as an example of what I am saying.

There is a famous saying – “Life happens when you are making other plans”.

I quote the above, as I never intended to get into astrology and / or palmistry.

I was always good at studies and went to a premier engineering college to pursue my engineering degree. I had all my childhood seen my father (an amateur astrologer) see the charts of many people every weekend and also visit most of the astrologers in and around Delhi with me in tow ! Like most middle class people he was worried if his only son would become an engineer and earn well. I frankly remember that the general consensus was that I would. But I had also seen my father take decisions based on astrological predictions and how they had turned out to be horribly wrong. Hence I had no interest in perusing astrology and or palmistry. I must confess that out of curiosity I had read books about them.

The dramatic change came when as astrologer/palmist in 1989 – when I was a student in my 2nd year of engineering predicted that I would not live to be 24 years old. I was shocked and angered as to how another human being could make such a dire prediction. That is when I took my deep dive into astrology and palmistry and along with my engineering degree learnt and mastered the concepts of astrology and palmistry, with enough practical experience that I had started to see the palms and charts of my friends and relatives. I did my own research into if death or longevity could be predicted. It was a BIG NO.

Then after graduation, I worked as an engineer in Delhi and all the while I used to indulge in my passion of astrology and palmistry. Soon I immigrated overseas and there was enrolled to do my masters in engineering and there too I was seeing the palm and charts of people and by now I was getting reviews that my predictions were accurate and people had started to seek me out.

I spend two decades overseas and along with my job of a professional nuclear engineer I continued with my real passion of seeing people’s palms and charts and making predictions. By now I had gathered enough confidence based on my knowledge, research, experience and more importantly based on people’s positive feedback.

I then retuned to India and took a deep dive into spirituality and learned about my religion by way of a formal training and that answered many of my unanswered questions about life which astrology and palmistry could not answer. I also learnt about the place of astrology and palmistry in context to the rich Hindu scriptures. This Yoga-Vedanta course was the toughest one that I had ever taken and it completely changed my perspective about human life and its real objectives.

Spirituality and my knowledge of the scriptures gave me a well rounded look about life and helped me immensely in my passion for astrology and palmistry.

Then in 2016 I enrolled on Quora and stared doing online predictions – in which you are basically predicting in the blind as you do not get to meet the person but only his or her birth details and palm photos. Here also the feedback was positive and that is why I have been on thus forum for three years now.

Hence with this background I find it immensely difficult to identify with people who want to learn astrology and or palmistry by way of a professional course as I never did it that way. For me I believe it was in my destiny and it organically became a part of who I am and totally consumed me. I am still learning even after 30 plus years !

And yes I can say with a 1000 % confidence that death cannot be predicted as here I am sitting and writing this for you while I watch India’s historic Chanadrayaan landing on the South Pole of the Moon on September 7th 2019. Salute to ISRO for the valiant effort.

By the way astronomy is a big part of astrology!