Does Ketu lead to losing interest?

Ketu is always the opposite sign to Rahu, it is exactly 180 degrees away. Hence when we talk of Ketu we talk about Rahu too.

Ketu is also a shadow planet and its motion is exactly opposite to that of Sun and the Moon or like Rahu its motion is always retrograde.

During Ketu’s phase one generally tends to lose interest in a particular aspect of life, depending on the position of Ketu in ones chart.

It can also be called as quick, sudden and unexpected karmic payback time (especially with regards to what karma has been done during ones Rahu phase).

A person under the influence of Ketu would be more likely to resort to superstition and have deep spiritual inclinations.

For example if one’s Ketu is placed in the 7th house of spouse (Rahu automatically would be in the lagna house) – such an individual would always be under the influence of his/her Rahu through his/her life and it is also highly likely that such an individual would undergo his her Ketu mahadasha in his/her lifetime.

In today’s kaliyug if that person while undergoing his /her Ketu mahadasha is married – then there would be strain in the marriage and could also lead to multiple marriages. Alternately the marriage chances of such a person would be unsuccessful despite efforts, regardless of the dasha period.

In other words under the influence of his/her Ketu the person would lose interest in his/her partner quickly and hence the chances of the marriage going awry or not happening at all is high; while his/her lagna house Rahu would prompt him/her to look for another partner soon or move on pretty fast. This when Ketu is well placed – as the 7th house is an auspicious one.

If one’s Ketu is ill placed then the chances of his/her Rahu being ill placed is also high. For example a person having his/her Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house would be taken out of action during his Ketu period. Such a person would be dogged by the combined severe mischief of Rahu and Ketu all his/her life irrespective of the dasha period.

Let me elaborate on this by giving an example of Rekha ji as a case study.

Birth Details

10/10/1954, 1100 Hours, Chennai

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Sagittarius 02-26–21 has Mars 29-40-12 and Rahu [R] 16-34-30 – Excellent and a manglik (if spouse non manglik then would suffer) , also gives he Kaal Sarpa Dosha (KSD) and hence no life except her profession
  • 3rd house of Aquarius has Moon 25-24-02 – Mentally tough
  • 7th house of Gemini has Ketu [R] 16-34-30 – Marriage affairs tricky / complicated
  • 8th house of Cancer has Jupiter 04-28-03 (Exalted) – Tough for next generation (children) matters but excellent for wealth
  • 10th house of Virgo has Sun 23-09-27 – Enormous wealth
  • 11th house of Libra has Mercury 18-05-26 and Saturn 15-49-06 (Exalted) – Career related fame and wealth
  •  12th house of Scorpion has Venus 02-39-57 – Spouse or romantic partner suffers

Further Analysis

  • Her lagna house Mars makes her a strong manglik, 7th house Ketu makes her married/ romantic life unsuccessful and complicated but she would moon on as Ketu is in Gemini and finally her 12th house Venus would not bode well for her romantic partner/ spouse.
  • Her dasha periods indicate born in a tough environment (Jupiter phase); she worked hard and got excellent rewards and rose to dazzling heights of her career (Mercury and Saturn phases); payback time (Ketu phase) and right now tough Venus phase.