Does Virat Kohli's horoscope predict his successful life?

I have been asked whether one should believe in astrology so many times that I have lost count. In fact, apart from individual chart readings, it is the most common question I am asked. 

Indian astrology is an ancient system of knowledge, dating back to the Vedic age. Astrologers from that period recorded the movement of the planets and charted their effects – past, present and future – on human beings. Over time, they developed remedies for problems and learnt to ascertain the destiny of individuals.

Thus, astrological calculations guide the selection of the most auspicious time at which to start various rituals to ensure the results. But beyond this, astrology is also used to predict how an individual’s life will turn out, predict his fate.

In fact, our system of astrology is wrapped around the concept of fate. The good and the bad you do in the past has implications on your present, and what you are doing right now, will not only shape your future in this life but your future in your lives to come. This karmic conundrum is like a mathematical calculation of the credits and debits of your life, and will decide the sum of your life.

Thus, even as astrology says the time and place of a person’s birth and the alignment of stars at this point in time determines fate, this is not the sole determinant of a person’s existence. In the end, what is important is your karma. Astrology does not seek to bind you by predictions. Instead, it offers an insight into the windows of opportunities you may have. Thus, it empowers you to capitalise on your strengths and warns you of potential pitfalls. In the end, you can decide where the road of your life takes you by following a life of good karma. Scriptures tell you what is good and bad, the stars at the time of your birth determine who you are, but karma decides where you go.

So, a good astrologer and palmist can read your chart and your palm and give you the actionable information you require to improve your life. He can put you on the right track. However, whether you are able to use this knowledge to succeed in reaching your destination, in attaining your objective, depends on your karma. I believe you can chant all the powerful mantras of the world, go to the temple every day and wear all sorts of expensive gemstones, but you will not get the desired results if your motive is tainted. Your inner thoughts or motives are between you and your God (a higher power or even conscience – for those who do not believe in God) and nobody else can do anything about it.