How can Rahu's placement in the lagna chart help?

It has to be remembered that Rahu is NOT an actual planet. It is called a ‘shadow planet’ and its position is calculated mathematically in ones chart based on their birth details.

 The term Rahu is only used in Vedic astrology.

Rahu’s motion is always retrograde or reverse that of the Sun and the Moon. By its inherent nature Rahu is mischievous and creates sudden disruptions in one’s life or it can also give one a sudden and massive lift in life that the person least expects.

If ones Rahu would help or destroy the person depends on its placement in ones chart. But one thing is assured that whatever Rahu does it would be sudden and mostly unexpected.

If a chart has Rahu well placed the person’s chances of going overseas and attaining big success are high.

A person under the auspicious spell of Rahu would make good name overseas and even settle there whereas a person with an ill placed Rahu would fall into deep trouble and despair overseas. Overseas could also mean far away from his native place.

The tricky part about Rahu is that even if auspiciously placed it could trick one, if the rest of the planets(especially the lagna house) are not auspicious. Whether one would control his Rahu or be controlled by it would to a great degree depend on the strength of one’s lagna house.

For example ones Rahu could make one rebellious in life and such a person could become famous or even infamous and be associated with the underworld, bad elements of the society, be involved with big but wrong intentioned actions. Many a times big people fall into a web of their own trap and even end up going to jail and being infamous due to corruption scandals and other illegal activities while under the influence of their Rahu.

Hence one needs a very strong lagna house to make ones Rahu purely benefic.

Therefore one’s chart has to be studied carefully to find out how one’s Rahu would impact the person.

In this time of social media and 24 X 7 news there is a lot of hysteria and fear mongering being done to extort money by scaring people of dire consequences due to their Rahu.

Rahu takes approximately 1-1/2 years to travel a sign and hence completes the round of the zodiac in 18 years. 

Let us study the lagna chart of Mahatma Gandhi and see how the benefic impact of Rahu made him get India its freedom.

Birth Details

02/10/1869, 0836 Hours, Porbandar – GJ

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Libra 11-59-17 has Mars 26-22-48, Mercury 11-45-35 and Venus 24-26-17 – 7 star lagna house and made him practical, intelligent, calm demeanour, immense patience but the right amount of firepower in his personality to get his way.

2nd house of Scorpion has Saturn 20-21-25

4th house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 12-08-44

7th house of Aries has Jupiter [R] 28-09-47

10th house of Cancer has Moon 28-16-39 and Rahu [R] 12-08-44 – 5 star house gives him mental strength that cannot be broken and an auspicious Rahu that would throw him to the heights of fame through his actions.

12th house of Virgo has Sun 16-55-40 – Makes him truly a saint and interested only in the good of other people.

Further Analysis

Gandhi ji Rahu Mahadasha period was from 2021 till 2039 – a time period when he was most active and set all the foundation work of Indian independence in 1947.

This is the best example of a Rahu period that can be demonstrated where a single human being achieved so much that he is called the “Father of the Nation”.