How did barrister MK Gandhi become Bapu?

I pay my homage to this saint who went through great struggles and was instrumental in getting India’s its freedom in 1947. He was deeply pained by the cost of freedom, which resulted in the division of his motherland and the human carnage that followed.

He withdrew from active political activism and was living at the Birla house in New Delhi where he met people from all walks of life and focused on spirituality while spreading his mantra of non-violence.

It is ironic that this saint of non-violence was brutally assassinated within 6 months of India gaining its independence.

This analysis of his chart and his life is my homage to him.

It is my humble request that on 2nd October 2019, the 150 birth anniversary of the father of the nation, all my brothers and sisters would take advantage of this national holiday to read about his life and take inspiration from it – as I have done while making this chart analysis. How well it all fits in!

Birth Details

2/10/1969, 070811 Hours, Porbandar – GJ
Death Details

January 30, 1948, New Delhi
Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Virgo 20-15-06 has Sun 15-15-46, Mercury [R] 09-47-06 and Jupiter 21-18-11 – Excellent as Mercury exalted, Jupiter in enemy position- Excellent for self-drive and success through perseverance, courage, boldness, sophistication in method(non – violence), comfortable life (though his retrograde Mercury did put him in prison too but due to its exalted nature he would came out every time), expert in law, lucky in legal affairs, highly qualified, blessed with children (though Jupiter in enemy position ensured that he did not practice law for long and also he was not too interfering in the lives of his children and they got no benefit of him being an influential person).
4th house of Sagittarius has Mars 13-24-52 – Excellent for leadership and ability to manage people, spiritual yearning, closeness to mother Putilbai.
6th house of Aquarius has Rahu [R] 26-39-49 – Tough and would give him enemies who would be severely opposed to him and hurt him from behind the back
8th house of Aries has Saturn [R] 14-04-45 – Challenging as Saturn debilitated, hence lots of hard work and toil in his life and the path he choose would ridden with trouble and he has suffered due to it, borne lots of stress and did not seek the rewards for his hard work and labor. A true karamyogi and saint. You would see in the analysis of his dasha periods that his ill placed Saturn made him burn brighter and literally set the ball rolling for India full freedom.
9th house of Taurus has Moon 29-55-24 – Excellent for mental strength, calm mind and closeness to parents as Moon exalted. Also his exalted Moon made him wise beyond his years and have a yearning to help others and bring peace. This house and planet along with his lagna and 8th houses gave us Mahatma Gandhi the non-violent satyagrahi.
12th house of Leo has Venus 17-27-33 and Ketu [R] 26-39-49 – Challenging and made him spiritual and a monk or mahatma, who gave up everything including worldly enjoyments, also gave him deep belief in religion and final moksha.
Dasha periods since birth till death

Mars from 2/10/1869 – 17/ 4/1873 – Birth in a very good family and excellent formative years due to parents.
Rahu from 17/ 4/1873 till 17/ 4/1891- During this period his young and impressionable mind was restless and aimless and did not know what to do, he was not good at school and by the time he was 13 years he was married off to Kasturba Gandhi. During this period his father Karamchand Gandhi also passed away and he had to take on the burden of his young wife other members of his family. His first born child also died after a few days during this tough phase for him. He dropped out of college at Ahmedabad after enrolling. Then against the wishes of his family members went to study law in England after huge resistance and a vow to his wife and mother of no indulgence in women, meat and drinks. He lost his mother too during this phase but was not informed about it till his return to India later.
Jupiter from 17/ 4/91 – 17/ 4/07- Much better time and during this time he was called to the bar in England as soon as he entered his auspicious Jupiter period. He then returned to India and soon after left for South Africa in 1893, got a well-paying job there, had 3 more sons during this period and was also involved as a civil rights activist / barrister in South Africa.
Saturn from 17/ 4/07 – 17/ 4/26 – In this period he struggled a lot in South Africa as he faced a lot of discrimination from the British and that changed his views about them and also galvanized his moral, political and ethical views. He stayed on in South Africa till 1907 and continued his daily fight as a civil rights attorney for the oppressed Indians who lived there. He stated to protest and took these skills back with him to India in 1915 when he returned. He came back to India now mature in his political views and determined to thrown the British out of India. He had to go through a lot of struggle during the initial days but persevered and protested against the British with full force of his personality with various non-violent campaigns like the Champaran, Kheda and Non Cooperation movements to name a few. In 1919 after the Jalianwalla Bagh massacre, he went onto his first fast unto death to stop the resultant violence. Then he was jailed by the British and came out in and 1924 and started the Salt Satyagrah. Hence you can see how during his debilitated Saturn period due to his immense suffering and harassment, he did not cow down but only increased his fight against the colonial rulers. As a result the British knew that they had to wind up some day and during this time they also came to realize that Gandhi was a person who they could not brush aside. So due to his suffering he burned brighter and came to be force to reckon with for India’s struggle for independence.
MER -17 Years 17/ 4/26 – 17/ 4/43 – This was a turning point in his life as his exalted but retrograde Mercury took Gandhi ji to the height of popularity and fame in the freedom struggle and was soon joined by others like Patel, Nehru, Ambedakar and during this time started negotiating with the British both in India and England about absolute Freedom or “Poorna Swaraj”. This period made him a hero figure in India and people were willing to do anything at the call of Gandhi ji. This was a relatively much better and comfortable period for him though there were period of jail terms too.
KET -7 Years 17/ 4/43 – 17/ 4/50 – His 12th house Ketu was a period where unexpected and unpleasant things happened to him like the talk about and the creation of Pakistan; that he was vehemently opposed to. He was very hurt at the end result of his struggle that gave India its freedom but at the severe cost of partition that broke up the country. He felt strongly against the resultant carnage that followed and was involved in spirituality and prayers mostly with his followers leading up to and after India got its independence on August 15th 1947. On the evening of 30th January 1948 he was assassinated while going to attend one such prayer meeting in New Delhi.