How does one counter an ill-placed Venus?

The first indication is given to you by your mind itself. If after reading this you’re not impacted at all that means that you have a wonderful chart and the reverse is also true if after reading this you get disturbed and discuss this article with you spouse then it means your need spiritual or astrological help.

I hope you are able to read this blog and just forget about it.

An ill-placed Venus can be tricky to tackle. Sometimes very tricky.

It can be very tricky to determine too. A horoscope needs careful analysis to determine the level of affliction of ones Venus.

For example if your spouse has his/her Venus in the 6th/8th or 12th houses then it can impact you directly and they are indirectly impacted or the spouse can be directly impacted too. In one case I have even witnessed a spouse having a retrograde Venus in the 7th house being directly afflicted and losing her life due to stress/heart ailment as her husband whose Venus was in the 11th house was having multiple affairs and the stress of it all killed her.

For dedicated spouses, who I know on a personal basis, I recommend a measure that I am still trying out and it in the research stage. I recommend keeping only a legal marriage and not a religious one; but let me forewarn you that I do this after a very careful analysis of the charts as well as understanding the spiritual, religious and legal implication of the action. I have always encouraged such couples to seek independent legal, medical and /or ethical opinion first. I also do this only after ensuring in my own way that my God and Guru are not unhappy with me and no bad karma is attributed to me.

Venus by its inherent nature is regarded as demon amongst planets as even a benefic Venus can harm a native. I have seen many cases of people having a weak will power (ill placed/powered Sun) and a strong and benefic Venus being tempted into extramarital affairs thereby ruining their lives altogether. Hence even a benefic Venus is a double edged sword if the person has a weak will power.

Now how does one counter an ill-placed Venus before it starts to trouble the person or his/her spouse too much?

1. Get the charts matched carefully.

2. Wearing a diamond as per body weight may works but again there may be adverse side effects as a diamond is regarded as a very strong stone in astrology. Some people have reported an increase in their blood pressure and other cardiac issues. Hence i always recommend wearing a half or a one rati diamond – but only after carefully trying it. First the diamond has to be kept under the pillow at night and for about a week the person has to carefully observe what kind of dreams he/she gets. If there are no scary dreams then the person can put the diamond in a silver ring and wear it and nothing adverse or out of the ordinary should happen. Only then should the person continue wearing the diamond for life. Otherwise the stone and the ring should be thrown into a water body.

3. Now we come to the sure shot way of countering ones ill placed Venus. That is by doing good karma and rising above your chart or palm. For this it is critical to have a God or Guru to whom you have surrendered your life. Then the rest they would guide you. They would come into your dreams and show you the way. That is if your faith is unshakable. They may test you by coming in different shapes and forms and test you as to whether you are only good in front of them or have an even behavior towards all. It is to be understood that for people living in this world life is 90% suffering and only 10% bliss and it is only in wait of this blissful period that gives us the motivation of going through difficulties and problems. The degree of our problems and suffering are directly proportional to our karmas of our past and present lives and hence staring to do the right karma is the sure shot way to live a happy life. But for that we need a strong will power and a strong mind. In one word it depends if we are in control of our mind or our mind controls us.

4. Another effective way is mantra chanting. Though it is best if the mantra is given to you by your Guru and he or she teaches you how to chant it but if that is not the case then there are some safe mantras which can help. But they should be chanted at 5:00 AM in the morning without fail. We should start by loudly chanting the mantra and counting then with the help of a ‘japa’ mala. Gradually with improved mental powers we should do mental chanting. It should be like eating food (which we never forget!). The safe mantras are :

a. Gayatri Mantra – 1 mala minimum

b. Hanuman Chalisa – 1 hour

c. Om Namo Shivay – 1 mala minimum

d. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra – 1 mala minimum

e. Shanti Path – 1 mala minimum