How does spirituality help in honing leadership skills?

To answer this, we must first understand spirituality. In my view, spirituality is beyond religion. It is something to do with grasping the spark of life. While religion may help someone kindle the spirituality within, one can be spiritual without being religious. Spirituality is a connection to the universe we live in, of being aware of something much bigger than ourselves, and then seeking answers to the eternal questions of life – who are we, how were we created, what makes us human and humane, what will happen to our soul, what is our purpose in life. I could go on.

A spiritual person believes there is something more to the world that our tangible reality. And upon accepting and understanding that, the person moves inward to try and comprehend his/her place in the universe in the hope of gaining some self-knowledge. Such cogitation requires having an open mind. By default, it would ignite the qualities of compassion, understanding, humaneness, and forgiveness.

A person with such qualities would help make a good leader, for a good leader is not merely one who decides and directs. Effective decision-making and imparting of direction work in the longer term only if we have an understanding of fellow humans and deal with them with respect and empathy. Spirituality helps us do this by giving perspective on life and an idea of our place in the larger scheme of things.