How is the chart of India's Home Minister, Amit Shah?

Hon’ble Shri Amit Shah is a deep believer in astrology and palmistry. I have seen many pictures of him on TV watching his right palm.
Also I am sure he is doing the remedies for his chart as explained below and must be being advised by the best of astrologers as he has a deep faith and belief in astrology and palmistry. In fact he himself knows a lot about it.
I have specially selected pictures of him wearing gemstones as a proof of what I am saying.
Let us study his chart and how his life and career skyrocketed to holding the second most important position in the country of 1.3 billion people.

Birth Details
22/10/1964, 0525 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 18-05-23 – Excellent gives him the drive needed to achieve his goals, also gives him a forceful personality.

2nd house of Libra has Sun 05-15-46 and Mercury 09-26-17 – Concern as Sun debilitated but he is lucky as his Sun mahadasha was over in 1968. Though, born into a good family but father immensely strict and decent person due to which he suffered. He needs to wear Panna gemstone along with Manak gemstone at the appropriate time to suit him best.
4th house of Sagittarius Ketu [R] 02-22-16 -Close to mother but did not get to spend much time with her.
6th house of Aquarius has Saturn [R] 05-04-09 – Excellent for profession as Saturn in own house, leading to an excellent career. This placement would help him immensely from 2037 onwards but would make him a clash with his colleagues; off course he would emerge victorious. He should chant the Hanuman Chalisa everyday.
8th house of Aries has Moon 15-56-44 – Most unlike a politician, he is a sensitive and emotional person and concerned about the welfare of his near and dear ones. Should take care of his health due to stress related ailments and also wear a Pearl gemstone. Very lucky as his Moon mahadasha was over in 1996.
9th house of Taurus has Jupiter [R] 00-32-05 – With remedies this placement would make him untouchable from 2021 which would see his further rise in politics.
10th house of Gemini has Rahu [R] 02-22-16 – This is the mahadasha that he is going through right now and though Rahu’s is inherently tricky by nature and would extract its pound of flesh but would give him immense success. This is the period when he came into limelight as a foremost politician in Gujarat and also in New Delhi (Home Minister of Gujarat and India). He has miles to go.
11th house of Cancer has Mars 28-23-38 – Though Mars is excellently placed but it is debilitated and hence would give him infamy or ruin his reputation. He has to do the remedies for the same. He is very lucky that he would not face his Mars mahadasha during his lifetime but still has to be cautious about enemies stabbing him behind his back and ruining his reputation. He should wear a Moonga gemstone.
12th house of Leo has Venus 25-30-11 – This would make him like enjoyments that would lead to loss in health but again he is very lucky that his Venus mahadasha was over when he was a child. Diamond would help him.

Dasha periods since birth
Venus for 20 Years from 22/10/64 till 22/11/80 – Insignificant period when he was unsure of what to do much to the disappointment of his family and especially his father,
Sun for 6 Years from 22/11/80 till 22/11/86 – Challenging phase where his decent father suffered losses in his business and also his health. This had a deep impact of young Amit Shah.
Moon for 10 Years from 22/11/86 till 22/11/96 – This was also a period of emotional turmoil for the young man who got entangled in controversies of not his making and this was a stressful period for him as he was not sure of what to do with his life. Frustration mounted as his career was going nowhere. Additionally, seeing his decent and humble mother worry for him made him emotional.
Mars for 7 Years from 22/11/96 till 22/11/03 – This period gave him name and fame but also got him involved in massive controversies like the Godhra incident and many more. His debilitated Mars bought him a bad name due to his emotional nature and rude tongue and his inability due to his debilitated Sun and Mars to clarify with a cool mind himself and set the record straight. He suffered in silence and aged beyond his years due to stress.
Rahu for 18 Years from 22/11/03 till 22/11/21 – Excellent period starts which would not only get him free from all the controversies that dogged him in his Moon and Mars period but his career in politics would skyrocket and his Rahu is what gave India BJP President and Home Minister Amit Shah who would fill in the big shoes left by Hon’ble Ex – Home Minister of India Sardar Patel.
Jupiter for 16 Years from 22/11/21 till 22/11/37 – With remedies the good times continue and he would continue his rise in politics and make a name for himself. But he has to be careful of legal cases and that is why remedies for his Jupiter are mentioned, i.e. Pukhraj stone.
Saturn for 19 Years from 22/11/37 till 22/11/56 -Excellent period for his profession as a politician and he would be untouchable during this time but health setbacks would be there and he has to be careful of stress related health ailments. He should chant the Hanuman Chalisa.

Additional Analysis
This is the chart of a man who has despite the immense challenges that life has thrown his way come up and overcome them.
Hard work is the name of his game.
Though he has Sun and Mars debilitated which would make him more of a back room operator but he is very lucky that his challenging period in his life including his Sun, Mars, Venus and Moon period behind him from November 2003.
Since November 2003 his next periods of Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn would make him king in politics and in life.
He is a very emotional and sensitive person and would do anything to stand with the people he loves and regards – most unlikely a politician.
For an accurate analysis his chart, the chart of his wife also needs to be seen as I am sure he has been married by careful matching of the charts and his wife’s chart has a benefic impact on his chart.
Additionally one cannot ignore the impact of the chart of his guru Hon’ble PM Modi on him (I have studied the chart of Hon’ble PM and their charts compliment each other).