How is the horoscope of US President Donald Trump?

Like everyone, I have been watching the 45th US president Donald Trump on the media and reading his tweets. He was previously well known as a real estate magnate and reality TV host and is a very rich man.

Trump in my view is a polarizing figure as he speaks his mind and does not seem to be concerned about its consequences or even what impact it would have on other people.

I would call him unlike any other leading politician i have seen and he is blunt (to put it mildly) and that is why even other world leaders do not know how to handle him as he does not seem to follow diplomatic protocols.

Let us all (including me) have a look at his birth chart and see what he is really like as a human being and what the future holds for him. I am as intrigued by his chart as you all.

I think it would be a mix of a strong lagna house as well as planets in the 9th, 10th and 11tth houses (given his wealth) but he should also have ill placed planets.

Birth Details (unverified)

14/6/1946, 1054 Hours, Queens, New York, USA

Lagna Chart

ASC Leo 18-41-39 has Mars 03-42-08 – This is an extremely good house for him and despite whatever obstacles comes his way he would be able to rise above them due to the strength given to him by his auspicious lagna house. It makes him a born leader who cannot even for a second work under or for anyone. He is also a man of very high ego and would brush away anyone who comes in his way personal and professional life. To be friends with him you have to be in his good books and then he is also a very loyal friend/husband/parent/partner.

2nd house of Virgo has Jupiter [R] 24-21-18 – Concern as retrograde Jupiter is in an enemy position and hence he would face lots of challenges in his Jupiter period which is going on since 2016. He would have to use all the power of his lagna chart and be in constant fighting mode to counter this period. If i was his astrologer i would urge him to do remedies for his Jupiter

4th house of Scorpion has Moon 28-35-40 and Ketu [R] 27-38-54 – His Moon is debilitated and for such a powerful person it is not a good sign as he would not be able to move on emotionally in his life and hence emotional baggage would mar his personality and he would have a lot of very strong enemies. He would not be able to bite the bullet and would feel the need to respond to anything and everything. The only saving grace is his strong Ketu also being in the same house which makes him not take himself and his actions too seriously. So that in a way balances to a small extent his debilitated Moon. Additionally his Moon and Ketu being at advanced angles also given them the slip on effect to the 5th house and hence it further contains the damage to him due to his debilitated Moon. But still remedies would be required.

10th house of Taurus has Sun 29-52-32 Rahu [R] Taurus 27-38-54 Though this house would make him very wealthy as his Sun and Rahu are in his excellent 10th house but they show that the root of his wealth would be via inheritance and also sudden windfalls like lottery or gambling wins. But his Sun would also make him a very angry person prone to lashing out at people.

11th house of Gemini has Mercury 15-50-55 – This house along with his lagna house make him the Donald Trump that we know. Mercury being in its own house is a blessing for Donald as it makes him famous, gives him an assured life of luxury via his and his inherited wealth and also gives him the ability to calm himself down when he wants. So I would say that were it not be due to his Mercury we would not have Donald Trump the world famous man ( even before he was the POTUS).

12th house of Cancer has Venus 02-41-42 and Saturn 00-42-35 – This is an extremely challenging house for him and would make him undergo huge losses in his profession as well as failed marriages and trouble from his business and his romantic liaisons or marriages. He would have to do a tightrope walk for life. He could turn to religion and spirituality for relief.

Present Dasha

JUPITER – SATURN till 30/11/20 – This is a tough time for him and he would be surrounded by trouble and controversy in his professional life and he has to be very cautious. Legal troubles are seen. The only saving grace is his lagna house that gives him the ability to fight like a fearless tiger and his 11th house which would ensure that he lives in luxury.

Additional analysis

Donald Trump became won the U.S. presidential election on November 8, 2016 and became the President-elect. He was formally elected by the Electoral College of the USA on December 19, 2016. He was sworn in as POTUS on January 20, 2017

All the above happened during his JUPITER – JUPITER dasha from 30/3/2016 till 18/ 5/18

These significant changes happened to his life with the start of his Jupiter mahadasha

Needless to say that his presidency would be controversial to say the least and he would be earning less money than he was before.

It would also be marred by court cases and litigation on multiple fronts and he is required to do the remedies for his Jupiter.

As his Jupiter is in his tough 2nd house and he has an ill placed 12th house and also looking at his overall chart I would say that he became president due to the momentum of his just ended Rahu mahadasha (10th house) and off course the lift given to him by his lagna house.

But has to be careful as his present time is tricky and thanks again to his lagna house he is not one to give up at all.

There is an ancient Chinese saying that applies to his chart “Be careful what you wish for – as it might come true’’.

Thank you.