How is the kundli of Virat Kohli?

Let me analyze the birth chart of Virat Kohli, Indian cricket captain and incredible cricketer. As is known in the public domain he has by his sheer hard work, determination and mental strength risen to the top of Indian cricket and is not one of the top billed celebrities in India.
He is also by temperament a total ‘dilliwalla’ – a person with a big heart and that is something that I fortunately share with him and as i was also born, schooled and bred in Delhi. Though I left Delhi my hometown in 1988 – the year Kohli was born !
His birth details as available in the public domain seem to match his public profile. I would take the same to analyze his chart – thus making my work easier. It is Saturday, November 05, 1988, 1028 Hours, Delhi.

Birth Details
5/11/1988, 1028 Hours, Delhi

Lagna chart

ASC Sagittarius 08-44-15 has Saturn 05-36-48 – Excellent for profession – would become kind due to placement of Saturn and his had work would give ten times career reward.
3rd house of Aquarius has Rahu [R]17-05-20 – Siblings great support for him, though sometime there can be tension too.
4th house of Pisces has Mars 06-35-10 – Close to mother who is auspicious for him.
6th house of Taurus has Jupiter [R] 09-40-49 – Concern as he would jeopardize his career and personal life due to rebellious attitude, remedy needed for his Jupire to smoothen the rough edges.
9th house of Leo has Ketu [R]17-05-20 – Excellent for profession especially as he has a powerful lagna house which only compliments this house as well as his 10th and 11th houses.
10th house of Virgo has Moon 00-19-37 and Venus 13-50-47 – Excellent for wealth and marriage, after which he would calm down due.
11th house of Libra has Sun 19-18-26 and Mercury 04-06-45 – Excellent for fame.

RAH – MER till 13/ 9/20 – Wonderful period developed to family and profession. May become a father.

Excellent chart and would take him to the top of his game both professionally and personally.
Would be very rich and famous.
Additionally Saturn in the lagna house makes him a career or work oriented person.
Would remain loyal and emotionally attached to friends, mother and siblings.