Can the birth chart of Lata Mangeshkar be analyzed?

Lata Mangeshkar, just passed away today after a glorious life and her voice would live on for time to come. Even as I come to terms with the passing away of this legend, I would like to present to you all, her chart analysis that I had done 2 years back when she had just celebrated her 90th birthday. This is my Homage to her.

She is the embodiment of Devi Ma by the honourable way in which she has lived and handled her life. It is really rare given the fact that she is living in an industry that is known for materialistic pursuits.

It really embodies an immense mental strength and doggedness of not being swayed by the flow and a symbol of the victory of Good over Evil both inside and around her.

Birth Details (time determined) : 28/9/1929, 0131 Hours, Indore – MP

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Cancer 06-06-33 Moon 04-28-34 (Lord House) – Excellent as Moon in own home and this would give her mental strength and comforts for life as also living close to the water. She is also an emotional person but guards her emotions carefully. This house made her an artiste par excellence and also very wealthy. Very loyal and emotionally wise.

2nd house of Leo has Venus 09-45-01 (Enemy)- Immense wealth but inability to settle down in marriage.

3rd house of Virgo has Sun 11-20-56 -Excellent support from father and also close to siblings who would be the source of life long support to her, personally and professionally.

4th house of Libra has Mars 01-17-19, Mercury [R] 00-14-36 and Ketu [R] 21-06-11 – Excellent for relations with mother whose influence made her spiritual but also dis inserted in landed property and also likes to lives a simple life. Can be very strict person when upset. Regardless would be very wealthy.

6th house of Sagittarius has Saturn 01-44-53 – Struggle in her profession and a non nonsense person who puts her foot down to demand her own way in her profession. She would not have to work too hard in her profession, albeit her initial struggle in her Saturn mahadasha into which she was born and like a Queen professional success would follow her on an auto pilot.

10th house of Aries has Rahu [R] 21-06-11 – Wealth beyond her own imagination but Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD), which would not make her interested in marriage and children.

11th house of Taurus has Jupiter 23-26-30 (Enemy) – Lack of formal education and no children of hers but she would be very well known and famous and would support many children of others and love them like her own children

Dasha periods in her life and its interpretation

  • Saturn from 28/ 9/29 till 12/ 2/47 – Struggle during her initial days and lots of hardships faced.
  • Mercury from 12/ 2/47 till 12/ 2/64 – Valuable guidance from mother made her spiritual person.
  • Ketu from 12/ 2/64 till 12/ 2/71 – Involved with spirituality along with her profession.
  • Venus from 12/ 2/71 till 12/ 2/91 – Busy period due to her profession but personal struggles never far away.
    Sun from 12/ 2/91 till 12/ 2/97 – Help and support of siblings critical in he life and especially during this time. Over all an auspicious time.
  • Moon from 12/ 2/97 till 12/ 2/07 – An excellent periods in which she would get the rewards and recognition as well as make a lot of money.
  • Mars from 12/ 2/07 till 12/ 2/14 – Involved with spirituality and religious ceremonies as well and would voice her opinions when necessary. Would be recognized.
  • Rahu from 12/ 2/14 till 12/ 2/32 – Her present mahadasha where she is involved with a lot of spiritual activities and during this time she would be pleasantly surprised to discover that anything she touches turns into gold.
    • Rah-Sat – From March 2019 till February 2022 – Tough from health point of view and when she passed away.
  • Jupiter from 12/ 2/32 till 12/ 2/48 – Her name and fame would touch unimaginable heights and become immortal.

Additional Comments


  • Her auspicious Moon in her lagna house being its lord house is responsible for her long life, success, name, fame and also excellent comforts. Most importantly it gives her the mental strength to be unfazed by success.
    She is also an very bold and fearless person and would always in her own polite way stand up for anything that is wrong.
  • Her chart shows that while we know her due to her success and fame but only she knows the initial hard work that has silently gone into making her life.
  • Though there are multiple birth times available on the net for her but I have by way of birth time rectification process chosen the one that as per me is most accurate.