Is the birth chart of Ekta Kapoor studded with gold?

Ekta Ravi Kapoor is the daughter of superstar Jeetendra and I have no doubt that her father played an important role in what she has become today and als in her future. She co owns Balaji studios with her family which produces movies and tele series.

Her television serials have been criticized by some sections of the public for their masala family content and highlighting immoral behaviours in Indian families. But they are popular too and have made her and her family very rich.

Birth Details : 7/6/1975, 0945 hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 12-21-19 has Venus 07-13-49 – Emotional and protective of her loved ones but would not be able to get married or find a reliable partner due to Venus in enemy position in her lagna house.

5th house of Scorpion has Rahu (R) 06-45-07 – Extremely spiritual and believes in mantra and tantra.

9th house of Pisces has Mars 19-03-29 and Jupiter 24-21-30 Own – Excellent for leadership role in profession, very lucky in her profession and would achieve stupendous professional heights.

10th house of Aries has Moon 20-34-34 – Excellent for mental strength and also mother would be auspicious and helps makes her wealthy.

11th house of Taurus has Sun 22-18-27, Mercury (R) 27-40-14 and Ketu (R) 06-45-07 – Name and fame at her feet due to father, she would be easy to anger which would impact her image, and she would be indifferent to her name and fame.

12th house of Gemini has Saturn 24-13-54 – She would do well in her profession courtesy and by the active involvement of her parents/family as by herself she would be dis-interested in money and professional affairs and would be deep into spirituality.

Dashas since birth

  • Venus from 7/ 6/75 to 26/ 7/84 – Initial phase though born with a golden spoon but this phase was insignificant, though spent in the lap of luxury.
  • Sun from 26/ 7/84 to 26/ 7/90 – Excellent period where due to the encouragement of her father she started to take interest in her studies.
  • Moon from 26/ 7/90 to 26/ 7/00 – Excellent time where due to the auspices of her mother she did well in her studies and also took her advice about her career.
  • Mars from 26/ 7/00 to 26/ 7/07 – Excellent professional time starts where she established her business venture and made it a success.
  • Rahu from 26/ 7/07 to 26/ 7/25 – This is the present dasha and though her Rahu in the auspicious house would mean that she would continue to do well in her business courtesy and with the active help from her parents/family but there would be problems too that would be mostly taken care by her family’s support. Rahu in the this house also shows she would have a child by unconventional means during this time who would bring her happiness.
  • Jupiter from 26/ 7/25 to 26/ 7/41- This is an excellent period in her life and her business would grown from strength to strength and her son would also become a major part of it and would take it international.

Additional Comments

It clearly shows the great role that her family has played in her success and she really is born with a golden spoon in her mother and also has a golden touch but all courtesy her family.

So yes her chart is really studded with gold but it is clear that it is courtesy her parents and then her son.

She is more of a free spirited and bindaas person.

Absence of any planet in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses as well as venus in enemy position shows unlucky in romantic liaisons and marriage.


You see all those rings that she wears – with Saturn in the 12th house and then to run a successful business you not only need support from parents but need to strengthen your chart as well.