Is there a science behind the chanting of Vedic mantras?

Sit at peace in a quiet place and breathe, open your mouth and say ‘Om’. Linger as you slowly let your breath flow out while you chant.

The chanting of the sacred Om is the echoing of the vibration of the universe, going back to the primordial beginning of time. It connects us to the world around us, to the cosmos.

The positive energy and sense of rejuvenation this will bring to you is to be experienced.

‘Om’ and any other mantra, such as the Gayatri mantra, ground us to the world and bring us peace. As a result, they play a significant role is helping us remain calm, improving our health, and fashioning our perspective towards life.

These mantras have been passed down the ages from sage to disciple The science is simple, yet extremely effective, for we are sending and receiving sound waves when we chant. These waves help our body and mind stay calm, focused, energetic, and positive. This has an impact on all systems in our body – from the circulatory to the respiratory and the nervous systems.