On which hand should I wear a blue sapphire?

Blue Sapphire is the stone for a troublesome Saturn which can literally wreck havoc in a person’s life.

Blue Sapphire is an extreme stone and should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand on a Saturday after bath.

But precautions are needed as under:

Keep the stone under your pillow at night for a week. If you get your normal dreams and if you do not wake up at night with bad dreams or sweating then you may put the stone in a silver or gold ring and wear it.
After wearing it you should observe your mental thoughts for the next one month. If the status quo remains and nothing ridiculously bad happens then the stone has suited you and you may wear it as recommended by your astrologer.
If it does not suit it, please throw it away into a water body. Do not keep it at home or give it to anyone.
Your budget for a Blue Sapphire should be maximum INR 15000 for a 6 ratti stone.
Please do not spend exorbitant amounts for gemstones worn for astrological purposes would be my advice.
Rest of course it’s your choice as the price range for these gemstones is vast.
NOTE : I do not buy, sell or trade in gemstones and the stone in the picture is for personal use only. I only give accurate gemological advice.