Weak ascendent, but enjoying a good life?

Your ASC or lagna house is you , your life, soul, life , death, past, present and future.

I believe that the lagna house plays a very important role in a chart and hence the person’s life. It would give it at least 50% weightage of the complete chart.

Hence, having a weak lagna chart would have its implications. It would at the very least mean a weak will power, drive, lack of affirmative karma due to doubt,fear etc.

As mentioned the complete chart plays a role in deciding the outcome a person’s chart, that is the rest of the 11 houses also have an important say.

But having a strong and auspicious ASC or lagna house is 50% of heavy lifting done by you happily and with courage.

So in my opinion if a person has a weak ASC or lagna house then they either should marry someone with it or pray that their family is well to enjoy a good life (which itself is a self described term).