What are the benefits of Mars as per Vedic astrology?

Mars or Mangala is the commander in astrology. It represent exuberant energy, immense courage. It is between Earth and Jupiter. It is very small in size and is red in colour.

Humans are trying to establish if Mars can be a habitable planets, as it seems that in the coming 50 years planet Earth would run out of breathable air, potable water and temperatures suitable for human existence due to our own greed.

People with a well placed Mars are well suited for the armed/police forces in which they rise to a very high position. They are excellent administrators and are generally found in high career positions.

Even if they are not in the armed forces their no nonsense approach to life makes them stand out. They cannot be taken for granted even one second and it is only by doing the right thing that you can earn their respect.

They are also extremely loyal people and stand for the right moral causes. If they have the Sun also auspiciously placed then there is no stopping such people from having a soldier like temperament.

To explain this further let me analyze the chart of Gul Panag – actress and politician and known as a fearless crusader in her own right.

Birth Details

3/1/1979, 1200, Chandigarh

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Pisces 16-03-19 – Emotional and genuine person

5th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] 13-07-38

6th house of Leo has Saturn [R]20-18-45 and Rahu [R]27-32-22 – Tough

9th house of Scorpion has Mercury 28-33-37 and Venus 02-49-03 – Excellent for profession

10th house of Sagittarius has Sun 18-43-31 and Mars 22-54-49 – Excellent leadership skills and wealth

12th house of Aquarius has Moon 20-30-45 and Ketu [R] 27-32-22 – Challenging

Further Analysis

It is very obvious that despite some challenging planets and houses if Gul is able to not only survive but even thrive it is due to her auspicious placed Mars (and Sun).