What are the positive impacts of Jupiter?


Jupiter is the planet flanked by Mars and Saturn. It is a massive planet made primarily of gasses. Infact it is the largest planet in the solar system.

As per vedic astrology Jupiter or Guru is the planet directly impacting one’s education and depth of knowledge. It is an auspicious planet shielding Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury from Saturn.

Discounting Rahu, Ketu, Sun and the Moon which are astrologically beyond the realm of Jupiter, it’s auspicious or benefic powers are difficult to ignore.

A well placed Jupiter means excellent education and genuine knowledge; including higher education.

Experts in the field of spirituality, religion, great teachers, researchers, scientists, eminent lawyers and jurists all have their Jupiter excellently placed.

He is the also planet connected with your children or the generation next. People with excellently placed Jupiter often have children who are the source of great joy for them.

Jupiter can also make a person very lucky in his /her life.

Especially people with Jupiter in its lord house of Pisces makes ones do good for the world with his /her knowledge, good intentions and via their children.

Such people are also driven by their heart or gut feel and have very strong sensory instincts.

Good astrologers have their Jupiter activated positively in their lagna chart. So be rest assured that if you are dealing with a person who has his/her Jupiter in Pisces/well placed/positively activated – that person has seen through your talk and gauged you exactly for what you are – good or bad.

Needless to say that the complete chart matters and especially the placement of Sun and Moon and to a great extent Mercury and Mars in ones chart.

Let me illustrate this better with the help of a case study of the chart of eminent jurist Shri Ram Jethmalani.

Birth Details

14/9/1923, 1612 Hours, Hyderabad – Sindh Province, Now in Pakistan

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

ASC Capricorn 20-40-24 – Cautious by nature and good money sense.

2nd house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 17-58-17 – Complicated relation with parents.

8th house of Leo has Sun 27-48-15, Mars 15-44-48, Venus 28-53-14 and Rahu [R]17-58-17 – Excellent as Sun is in its lord house but challenging and struggles related to spousal health. Also struggles in personal life.

9th house of Virgo has Mercury 20-49-50 and Saturn 26-21-40 – Excellent for profession.

10th house of Libra has Moon 16-58-56 and Jupiter 22-39-10 – Excellent for mental strength, wealth as well as good and well known children.

Further Analysis

It shows a person who has fought like a tiger all his life against all odds.

Also it shows a person whose real investment and rewards are his children.