What are the traits of a good astrologer and palmist?

Good astrologers and / or palmists have an important karmic duty.

They are sometimes the last resort for people who have tried everything but without the expected results and hence it is very common for astrologers and palmists to encounter people undergoing extreme suffering, be it due to health, finance, legal or a combination.

Hence it is a divine profession in the hands of a decent and genuine astrologer or palmist.

The astrologer and/or palmist should have patience to listen to the person and then be able to give his or her frank and accurate assessment and remedial guidance to the person in distress. His EQ (Moon) and IQ (Sun) should be sound.

Sometimes the person approaching astrologers or palmists is unable to really comprehend what/who is good or bad for them. They often lash out or can get angry. The astrologer or palmist must not lose his cool, even when someone needs a straight and hard hitting message for his/her good.

As per my experience after a while, even decades, people do get back and appreciate if your advice has been genuine and in good faith.

I would also advise people to avoid any astrologer or palmist; who himself or herself are looking for astrological help, as in the end everyone is human and can go through a rough phase as per their karmas of the past and present birth. Such an astrologer is mentally distracted.

The reason why so many people complain of astrological predictions going awry and challenging astrology and palmistry for centuries is not due to astrology or palmistry being a hoax, neither due to the bad intention of faith of an astrologer or palmist, but he or her being distracted due to their own issues – which can result in improper analysis.