What chart combination makes one an innovator?

Innovator or a Path breaker as per the dictionary meaning is defined as ‘a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products’.

He or she can be a famous person or a quiet and humble person. It is what they do with their everyday lives is what matters. These people generally swim against the currents and are many a times criticized by the society but they continue to persevere despite every roadblock even at the cost of their careers. They are also spiritual by nature and believe in a higher purpose of their life.

Some succeed while many others fail professionally but that does not bother them as going through suffering comes to them naturally. They suffer a lot in their lives and mostly it starts at birth or early in life which shapes their rebellious personalities.

They are also eccentric or out of the box.

Astrologically the planet Jupiter and Rahu and /or Ketu have a major role to play in their lives.

Jupiter rules amongst others rules things one’s luck and knowledge (formal or informal). If Jupiter is in a good house then the person could be path breaker in his/her profession.

Rahu and Ketu are to do with sudden ups and downs in ones lives and also interest in spirituality. Their placement has an important role to either make a person burn out or burn brighter and be a nonconformist.

In case Jupiter (Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde)is direct, the person would be a conformist type path breaker and if Jupiter is also retrograde then the person would be a rebellious path breaker.

Off course other planets also play an important role, especially Saturn at birth or childhood which makes them work hard, be independant and understand life at a very young age. This also ensures that Saturn does not directly trouble their career later on . But having gone through Saturn does matter. It shows you the hard reality of life.

Let me first evaluate the chart of Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the “Rocketman of India” and the 11th President of India (2002 to 2007).

Birth Details

15/10/1931, 0115 Hours, Rameswaram – India

Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 15-40-06 has Jupiter 25-06-45 – Stable and lucky

3rd house of Virgo has Sun 27-36-02, Mercury 24-49-59 and Ketu [R] 11-31-07

4th house of Libra has Mars 25-57-43 and Venus 07-19-12

5th house of Scorpion has Moon 13-02-05 – Emotionally stable

6th house of Sagittarius has Saturn 24-10-12 – Born into this mahadasha caused him suffering at a young age.

9th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 11-31-07 – Out of the box person professionally

Analysis of his lagna chart

An otherwise ordinary chart but for his excellent lagna house with Jupiter sitting there and also his 9th house having Rahu. This combination along with the rest of his chart made him suffer in his life, work hard, and care about others good but get good recognition as well.

His 5th house gives him stability and peace in is life.

Noteworthy is that Dr. Kalam’s Saturn though placed in a below average house could not harm him much in his career ascent as his Saturn mahadasha passed away in his childhood but it made him work hard and suffer early on.

His Rahu also did the same and gave him an intense spiritual outlook in his life as well as made him an out of the box personality.

The silver lining in this chart is his Jupiter in the lagna house of Cancer at 25 degrees.

2. Now let me also analyse the chart of another rebellious innovator and pathbreaker – Steve Jobs founder of Apple Inc.

Birth Details

24/2/1955, 1915 Hours, San Francisco – USA

Lagna Chart

ASC Leo 29-15-43 – Fiery person

3rd house of Libra has Saturn 27-56-11 Born in his Saturn dasha and matured early due to sufferings and pain.

5th house of Sagittarius has Venus 27-56-41 and Rahu [R] 09-16-02 – Good support from spouse who encouraged him

6th house of Capricorn has Mercury [R] 21-07-45 – Shunned luxuries in his life while creating the most expensive smartphone for the world.

7th house of Aquarius has Sun 12-31-12 – Good married life

8th house of Pisces has Moon 14-30-37 – Emotionally volatile

9th house of Aries has Mars 05-50-48 – Relentless and aggressive leader

11th house of Gemini has Jupiter [R] 27-15-47 and Ketu [R] 09-16-02 – This house along with his lagna sealed the deal for him, a rebellious and eccentric innovator who fought with whatever came his way, also had a tryst with fame(ups) and loss in reputation(downs) events with fame winning in the end.

Analysis of the lagna Chart

As above.

What more is there to say except what Steve Jobs himself must be saying from the heavens to one and all – “while many of you dream of having an Iphone or Ipad – I created the damn things” !

Retrograde Jupiter did not give him the required high level of formal education but its placement in the 11th house ensured that he did what he did regardless of any obstacle along the way. Ketu only made him less interested in ay formal education and hence apart from the crowd.