What does Vedic astrology say about cricketer Hardik Pandya?

Hardik Pandya is an Indian cricketer who is known as much for his cricketing skills as he is known for his off screen unnecessary controversies.

Let’s see if these unconfirmed birth details fit in with what we know of him!

Birth Details (unconfirmed)

11/10/1993, 00:00:00, Surat – GJ

Lagna Chart

ASC Gemini 23-36-31 – Excellent for handling pressure situations

2nd house of Cancer has Moon 18-16-44 – Emotionally strong as Moon in lord house, also means close to family

3rd house of Leo has Venus 29-45-17 – Tricky but brother would be lucky for him in matrimonial affairs, though he should get married only by an arranged marriage after careful chart matching

4th house of Virgo has Sun 23-41-48 and Jupiter 29-36-46 – Mother’s role very important in his life and also never much interested in education

5th house of Libra has Mars 15-33-33 and Mercury 18-19-39 – This is the house that has a major role in getting him where he has reached

6th house of Scorpion has Rahu(R)11-40-23 – Has the tendency to put off people – this should be curbed

9th house of Aquarius has Saturn(R) 00-05-44 – Saturn in its lord house also has a major role in getting him to where he has but his Saturn is weak and also retrograde and hence a lot of hard work would be have been required to get him to where he has reached and that hard work is ongoing.

12th house of Taurus has Ketu(R)11-40-23 – This would make him superstitious and also a little distracted from cricketing that may impact his career.

Dasha Periods since birth

Mercury from 11/10/93 to 22/ 9/08 – Parents gave him the best possible upbringing and this period was one of the most secure periods in his life.

Ketu from 22/ 9/08 to 22/ 9/15 – Tricky time

Venus from 22/ 9/15 to 22/ 9/35 – Much better time but would be distracted in non cricketing matters , including unsuccessful romantic liaisons and avoidable controversies.

Additional Analysis

This chart tells me that due to his th and 9th house Hardik has reached where he has but he has to be careful and focus on his career.

He can be a much better player with remedies as that would make him more focussed on his career and have a longer and stabler career.

Does this seem like the chart of Hardik Pandya ? Only time would tell !