What does late Sheena Bora's chart say about her?

Sheena Bora was a young, vivacious and modern girl living in Mumbai and was killed by her own biological mother. These sorts of crimes are of the worst form where a human’s karma falls into the animalistic realm.

Though the case is still on going but whatever the punishment is given to the perpetrators of this crime by our Hon’ble Courts, the karmic punishment given to those involved would be so severe that they would suffer in this and their next multiple births.

In fact they could be taking birth in a predator animal’s family(living in air water or land) and be killed by their own parents. This would happen for countless births for committing such heinous a crime.

Sheena Bora murder case has gripped the nation as one wonders how can the person who gave her birth (her mother) be directly involved in killing her.

Though in astrology it is very difficult to analyze sudden deaths but still an astrologer can see indications and warning signs.

Many of the people who die sudden deaths in the prime of their lives have otherwise good charts.

Now let me take a look at the chart of Late Sheen Bora.

As per information available Sheena was born on 11/2/1987, 0340 Hours in Guwahati, Assam and was tragically and mercilessly murdered on April 24th 2012 by her mother Indrani at a young age of 25 years.

Birth Details 

  •  11/2/1987, 0340 Hours, Guwahati

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Sagittarius 17-59-45 has Venus 12-49-59 – Excellent house and makes the native enjoy life, parties, be physically attractive and also have an active romantic life. Being a Sagittarius at 17 plus degrees also makes her cautious. Hence it was difficult to fool her except….. read on in her 4th house explanation).
  • 2nd house of Capricorn has Sun 27-58-24 – Note that her Sun is well placed in the 2nd house but at 27 plus degrees it has a ‘slip on’ effect to her 3rd house that is the house of her younger sibling who would actually play the role of a protective father figure for her and be the source of her strength and moral support.
  • 3rd house of Aquarius has Mercury 16-02-41 – Mercury being well placed in this house of Aquarius shows that she had the strong support of her younger sibling and they both also lived in physical comfort. This also tells me that her younger sibling was practical and smart. The best time in her life was the one that she spent with her brother.
  • 4th house of Pisces has Mars 29-36-34, Jupiter 01-47-15 (Lord House) and Rahu [R] 20-38-53 – This is the life defining house for her and shows a great dependence on her mother. It shows an extremely assertive nature as Mars is positioned at a very advanced degree and hence she would have not liked any interference in her life and been her own boss when it came to matters of her life. Jupiter at a low degree shows that despite a powerful Mars her Jupiter made her dependent on her mother who played a major role in all her matters; this more so as Jupiter is in its lord house; much to her disliking. Rahu here signifies a complicated relationship with the mother. Hence her mother would have had the remote control of her life, much to Sheena frustration. How she would exercise control depends on the mother’s chart details but from Sheena’s chart it is more likely that the mother could use emotions as a weapon to gain advantage over Sheena – in fact that was the only way to trick her despite her powerful lagna house and only her mother could do it.
  • 7th house of Gemini has Moon 25-14-41 – Moon is the planet connected with the mother and it being placed in the 7th house of spouse shows that she would be finding her partner via her mother and at the same time it being in Gemini at 25 plus degree shows that her mother would be a calculating person when it came to her daughters marriage/ romantic liaisons and would control this aspect of her life. To what degree would depend on the mothers chart.
  • 10th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 20-38-53 – This does show that she would live a wealthy and materialistically privileged life but it would not be her wealth and it would also be conditional and Ketu would from time to time show its mischievous tail and would not enable her to become financially independent.
  • 12th house of Scorpion has Saturn 25-37-03 – This is the planet and the house that killed her in a most gruesome fashion. Her career would not take off and even her personal life would be full of stress and mess. Hence she would not have peace of mind after 1996. I only hope that someone could have advised her to do the remedies for her 12th house 25 degrees plus Saturn( in the 12th house it becomes very damaging), which would have given her powerful enemies. It also would have made her unable and even disinterested in her pursuing an independent career.

Dasha periods in her short life

  • JUPITER for 16 Years from 11/ 2/87 till 26/10/96 – A weak Jupiter in her 4th house shows that she was mostly dependent on her mother for her needs and those were just about or briefly met as she was growing up. Still the best phase of her short life.
  • SATURN for 19 Years from 26/10/96 till 26/10/15 – As she gained some semblance of what was going on in her life she became more and more disturbed and due to the fact that her basic chart is strong she was able to take on the people responsible for her situation head on and get her way in most respects of her life but only after miserable fights. Her strong lagna house which dictated her life tells me that she would have fought all the way in her life to reach the position and place that she was in at the time of her demise. But in the process she created powerful enemies even without being aware of it. She basically wanted to live a glamorous life. Her Saturn in the 12th house and her Saturn mahadasha made sure that it would not happen and additionally she was also not able to think clearly as to who is really with her and who is not with her resulting in complications in her life.

Death and additional analysis


  • She passed away on April 24th 2012 during her SAT – RAH period. In other words she could not outlive her 12th house Saturn mahadasha.
  • This is the only indication of a forcible death or killing.
  • Her powerful but ill placed Saturn ensured that she would have not lived in a moment of peace since 1996.
  • I do not think she even knew who her real friends were after 1996 as Saturn makes one his/her worst enemy and clouds their mind.
  • Her professional and personal life would face severe obstructions due to the one dominating and interfering factor in her life (her mother).
  • Additionally her Rahu was also in the 4th house and hence during her SAT-RAH period from June 2010 till April 2013 there would have been intense tension with her mother (to put it mildly).
  • Additionally her strong chart made her go all out to get her way thereby rubbing her mother the wrong way.
  • Little did she know what was being planned behind her back by the person who had given her birth (that would show up in her mother’s chart).
  • Hence she was killed by her own mother prior to the completion of her SAT – RAH sub period.
  • Only if she had done the remedies for her Saturn (troubling period especially during the ending phase) and ‘hung in there’ till October 2015, she would have been with us.
  • Had she consulted me I would have advised her so but if she would have listened or not is another thing.
  • But as they say hindsight is 20/20.
  • May her soul get the peace that she never got during her troubled last 14–15 years of her life.
  • All she yearned was a loving family and husband which was never to be.