What does the birth chart of ace boxer Mary Kom say?

Mary Kom is an ace India boxer about whom the whole of India knows courtesy her great boxing prowess representing India and then the movie made on her life. She is presently also a member of parliament, being nominated to the Rajya Sabha.

Let me analyze her chart to see how could she have risen despite all the struggles in her early life.

What role did planets or destiny have to play in her enormous success and what does the future hold for her?

Birth Details

01/03/1983, 0611 Hours, Kangathei, Manipur
Lagna Chart and its explanation

Asc Aquarius 25-53-51 has Sun 16-15-01 – Excellent but her Sun would make her the quiet sort and thank god she has the boxing punching bag to take out her frustration.
2nd house of Pisces has Mars 09-29-21 and Venus 13-56-39 – Excellent for leadership , support from parents and a faithful and loyal life partner as her Venus is exalted. She would live a life of material luxury eventually.
5th house of Gemini has Rahu (R) 07-06-36 – Her children would have some health issues and also could be source of worry for her, though nothing that cannot be rectified.
8th house of Virgo has Moon 08-53-53 – She would be a quiet and sensitive person.
9th house of Libra has Saturn (R) 10-35-35 – 7 star house for career as her Saturn is exalted. She would reach the pinnacle of success due to her profession as a boxer. Though she would have to work very hard for it.
10th house of Scorpion has Jupiter 16-12-49 – Excellent for wealth and family life, luck and also for happiness due to her children. Her present Mahadasha
11th house of Sagittarius has Ketu (R)07-06-36 – Excellent for fame but she would remain unimpacted by it.
12th house of Capricorn has Mercury 26-38-33 – Tough and she would have to live through tough circumstances and she would not be too attracted to material luxuries, she is also a spiritual person.

Dasha Periods since birth

Sun from 1/ 3/83 to 30/ 8/83 – Tough initial 6 months at birth.
Moon from 30/ 8/83 to 30/ 8/93 – Tough time emotionally for her as she would have to live in challenging circumstances.
Mars from 30/ 8/93 to 30/ 8/00 – Her life starts to pick up thanks to a father like coach under whose guidance she by her grit and determination and fearlessness starter her successful ascent in her boxing profession.
Rahu from 30/ 8/00 to 30/ 8/18 – Excellent time and she would rise in prominence and be given recognition in the country and the world.
Jupiter from 30/ 8/18 to 30/ 8/34 – This is going to be an excellent time for her and she would rise in profile as a national celebrity and would also be making a lot of money and reach further than she had ever imagined in her life. In true sense her life has just started where she can now relax and enjoy her life.
Additional Analysis

She is basically an adventurous and fun loving person.
She would be a very rich and famous women from now on and by 2034 during her Jupiter mahadasha and her children would also become successful in their lives and make her life truly blessed.
2 exalted planets are God’s gift to her in this life due to her God Karmas.