What does the future hold for Hrithik Roshan?

Let me analyze Superstar Hrithik Roshan’s chart. He has been going through a rough patch personally.

Birth Details

10/1/1974, 1200 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

Asc Pisces 18:55:05 – Makes him a very emotional person and a simple soul

2nd House of Aries has Mars 12:36:53 – Mars in the lord house gives him immense support from his parents who would be the very auspicious for his success.

4th house of Gemini has Saturn(R) 06:18:55 and Ketu(R) 03:55:55 – Above average and hence sometimes tension at home due to mother.

5th house of Cancer has Moon 20:53:17 – Moon in the lord house more than makes up for his 4th house and it makes his mother very auspicious for him and the source of his comforts, properties and domestic comfort. He is emotionally attached to her.

10th house of Sagittarius has Sun 26:08:51, Mercury 24:43:20 and Rahu(R) 03:55:55 – Excellent for wealth as auspicious Sun, very good for luxury and comfort due to Mercury and some tricky times would lead to monetary losses due to well placed but weak Rahu. Also his father us very lucky for him from the career point of view.

11th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 22:59:40 and Venus(R)16:51:48 – This house would give him name and fame but would also ruin his personal life as a result of his fame due to retrograde Venus and debilitated Jupiter. His marriage wold break and he would be estranged from his children.


Mercury for 17 Years from birth till to 23/8/85 – A childhood of comforts and luxury

Ketu for 7 Years from 23/ 8/85 to 23/8/92 – Above average but confusing time but was sent in deciding what exactly to do with his life

Venus for 20 Years from 23/8/92 to 23/8/12 – Life often plays cruel jokes with us and his retrograde Venus in the 11th house gave him his sweetheart and name and fame but it also took it away from him resulting in the ending of his marriage and being separated from his kids.

Sun for 6 Years from 23/8/12 to 22/ 8/18 – Excellent time as due to auspicious and benefic presence of father was able to come out from his personal setbacks and resume and rebuilt his career.

Moon for 10 Years from 23/8/18 to 23/8/28 – Super excellent time and with support of family would be taking over family business and be involved with movie production and be very successful.

Mars for 7 Years from 23/8/28 to 23/8/35 – Again super excellent time and would become a name to reckon with in the industry with his acting, direction and production skills.

Additional Analysis

Settlement of Hritik could take time and should be done with care due to his Venus, Jupiter and also empty 7th house.

This is important as being a Pisces ASC makes him very emotional and even if he gets everything in the world but he would like to come back to his family.

But his time ahead shows that he could be settled again though he should do the remedies for his Venus and especially Jupiter.