What does Vedic astrology say about Deepika Padukone?

Deepika Padukone is the daughter of ace badminton player Prakash Padukone and an actress/artiste of repute in her own right. Recently she got married to superstar and heart throb Ranveer Singh.

Birth Details

5/1/1986, 0239 Hours, Copenhagen – Denmark (unverified)

Lagna Chart

Asc Libra 10-35-55 has Moon 06-52-21, Mars 19-24-44 and Ketu 11-56-35- Excellent lagna house and would make her a smart and street wise leader and a hard worker courtesy her self drive and hard work would rise in her life.
2nd house of Scorpion has Saturn 11-55-5 – This is her present dasha and in this time period she would be working very hard and getting results due to her powerful lagna chart but she would not do as well as she expects in the glamour world and would shift her focus to other areas.
3rd house of Sagittarius has Sun 20-45-60, Mercury 05-10-42 and Venus 17-16-49 – She has a lot of support from her siblings who would be the source of strength for her, as would her parents and spouse. She would live a comfortable life.
4th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 25-30-22 – Concerning as Jupiter debilitate. This was her mahadasha which was just over last month. Jupiter being debilitated in not a good sign for her and would impact her relations with her mother, her education as well as make her unlucky in legal and romantic affairs. It is no wonder that she went through depression during this phase even with her excellently placed Moon. She also was involved in romantic liaisons which did not work out and eventually get married to Ranvir Singh- which as per me is the right thing to do for her as per her chart but her marriage would always be a work in progress. She has to do the remedies for her Jupiter.
7th house of Aries has Rahu 11-56-35 – Well no wonder her 7th house is activated by her Rahu and it means that after some struggle she would get married and her marriage would always be a work in progress.
Dasha periods from birth

Rahu from 5/ 1/86 to 25/ 9/03 – Good period in her life, that of a middle class upbringing.
Jupiter from 25/ 9/03 to 25/ 9/19 – Tough period for her and it is good that this period is over and it was during this time that she took wrong decisions related to her romantic liaisons and also struggled with depression about which she has become public and even started a NGO to help other people.
Saturn from 25/ 9/19 to 25/ 9/38 – This is the start of a much better period for her, which has started last month but she would have to work hard during this time and her hard work would produced results thanks to her powerful lagna house.


The good thing about her chart is her powerful and auspicious lagna chart which would give her the strong personality and character to rise in life both professionally and also on a personal level as a good human being.
But despite her Moon being in the lagna house she has emotional difficulties due to her debilitated Jupiter and also a disbalance in her chart with all her houses after her 7th house Rahu till her lagna house Ketu empty.
Though she has cosmic protection as her lagna house Ketu also has auspiciously placed Mars and Moon in it but still she would not be the cut throat professional type of person who wants success and stardome at all and any costs.
She would be happy settling down as a house wife and doing her own low key thing as she would not like the limelight.
Though she would be professionally active in her Saturn period but a lot of her focus would be diverted on areas other than an actress.
She should do the remedies for her Jupiter (if not already and also chant the mantra Om Namo Shivay at least 108 times (if already not).
This is a chart of a very simple and straightforward person.
Seeing this chart I am happy that she has gotten married and settled down after much struggle.
Frankly to me this chart does not seem to fit the profile of an ace bollywood actress other than the fact that she has an excellent lagna house and hence I would mark her birth details and unverified.