What are the beneficial impacts of the Sun?

Sun or surya devta is the giver of light in our lives. It is due to the presence of the Sun that life exists on planet earth.

The Sun gives warmth to earth thereby making it suitable for human habitation.

The ever reliable Sun has always been there everyday from dawn till dusk and for ages. It never fails to shine.

Astrologically Sun is regarded as the King.

It represents courage, boldness, a positive and energetic attitude, fearlessness, leadership, and a kind and benevolent spirit or ‘atman’.

To have Sun in an auspicious house and especially in your lagna house would make you are tireless crusader and a person who is fearless and bold.

A born leader, the person fears no one and other people are also always in awe of him/her.

If the Sun is in its lord house of Leo in the lagna house then that person would become a king or have the courage of a king and take on valiantly all the adversities that life throws his/her way and be victorious. His/her energy and positive vibrations would be infectious.

Let me demonstrate this better with the help of a case study of the superstar Shahrukh Khan or SRK

Birth Details

2/11/1965, 0625 Hours, Delhi

Lagna Chart and its explanation

ASC Libra 13-19–21 has Sun 16-01-44 – Excellent for courage, determination and loyalty

2nd house of Scorpion has Mars 27-27-14, Mercury 06-20-47 and Ketu [R] 12-26-38 – Excellent for being born in a good family and attachment to family along with life’s luxuries

3rd house of Sagittarius has Venus 02-35-20 – Excellent for spouse and attachment to younger sibling

4th house of Capricorn has Moon 23-28-44 – Good for emotional strength

5th house of Aquarius has Saturn [R] 17-13-01 – Trouble for career but huge cosmic gifts here as retrograde Saturn is in its lord house and also in the auspicious 5th house. This combined with his lagna house would make him able to overcome career pressures, challenges and emerge victorious.

8th house of Taurus has Rahu [R] 12-26-38 – Enemies galore but he would give them a good fight

9th house of Gemini has Jupiter [R] 07-36-37 – Tricky but in the 9th house would help him in his career.

Dasha right now

SATURN for 19 Years from 5/10/06 till 5/10/25 – You can see that he is able to literally crush his retrograde Saturn due to his hard work and perseverance but all that would be taking a toll on him. But he can handle and even enjoy a challenge like no one else can.

Additional Analysis

An otherwise normal chart of SRK gets all its firepower from its Sun in the lagna house.

No wonder he is also called “King Khan” !