What is the role of astrology in marriage and matching charts?

The role of chat matching for marriages is very critical and it should be done by a professional astrologer.

 It checks for the following :

 The chart of the boy and girl are compatible. This means that apart from them getting along in the long run their planets and dashas should be such that one gives the other cosmic protection and support. In practicality this checks that suppose one person is going through a bad phase in his/her life, then the other partner should be going through a good phase; so that the family unit is able to overcome the tough and challenging phases of their lives. As we all know there is no person that does not have problems at one point or the other in his/her life. The purpose of chart matching is to ensure that both the parties do not go through bad or challenging phases at the same time and also that their planets compliment or add strength to each other.

The other major thing to check while marrying is the Mangal dosha. Let me tell you that except for mangal dosha – i do not prescribe to any other dosha or yoga while seeing a chart. Additionally the Mangal dosha matters only while checking the marriage compatibility as as manglik should marry a manglik and a non manglik should marry and non manglik. In that case the doshas get cancelled. Otherwise the non manglik partners suffers from severe health issues.

The third is the guna matching. This is very popular and these days can be done by using any astrological software. But it can be highly misleading. Out of a score of 36 guns a minimum score of 18 is desired. But this could be overlooked if the first point(above) is carefully checked by an expert astrologer.

Divorce (or the break up of a marriage) may seem to be a fashionable thing to read in the news but I would not wish it in my worst enemy as it is a life-derailing event.

One of my clients put it aptly when he told me that he had invited 500 people for his wedding and 5000 gate-crashed; but when he was desperately looking for someone to go with him to the divorce court for moral support no one showed up”.

So it’s your life and take it seriously.