What's all this about horoscopes?

1.Reason behind individual horoscopes

There is a deep relation between you and your horoscope/birth chart/ kundali. As per Vedic astrology, a lagna chart has all the information of your present birth. It can tell how your life would pan out during this human birth on planet earth. A master (a realised/saintly person) can interpret it clearly.

Astrology (and Hinduism) is based on the philosophy of karmas, as per which “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

Hence, one is born at a date, place and time; either to reap karmic rewards or payback for past bad deeds and this is reflected in our individual horoscope. Someone who understands profit and loss, would get this concept of KARMIC ACCOUNTING easily. Your horoscope will give knowledge of your karmic balance sheet.

Additionally, these cycles of births, deaths and rebirths are painful and Hinduism says the ultimate purpose of human life is to attain ‘moksha’ or liberation from these endless and painful cycles of birth-death-rebirth cycle. We can move towards achieving moksha only by doing good karma and surrender to the will of God/Guru.


2. Reason behind matching horoscopes prior to marriage

Matching of horoscopes is done for selfish but practical reasons.

Humans have become very selfish and therefore are finding it more and more difficult to cohabitate in peace and harmony even after marriage.

Stresses and strains of modern life have confused people’s priorities to such an extent that for very casual reasons they are simply walking out of marriages, thereby totally derailing their own lives. This is having a negative impact on the complete social fabric.

A failed marriage not only derails one’s life but also earns bad karmic points. This as the couple has broken the sacred promise they made to multiple gods of being one in good and bad times for seven births.

Therefore, to avoid stresses and strains after marriage and to prevent the total derailment of one’s life, there is a practical astrological tool available. That is matching of charts to see the compatibility of the couple prior to them getting married.

If this tool is used wisely, it would ensure a stable married life, bringing peace and prosperity for the couple and also earning them good karmic points.

The bigger purpose is of the betterment of the society/humanity at large.