Which planet has the most beneficial impact?

As per my humble opinion the most beneficial planet (as a result of which a native can achieve much more than his/her chart) is the Moon.

In Vedic astrology, the Moon represents one’s emotional makeup, emotional strength and mental stability.

It is the planet that helps us remain successful or continue being successful and enjoy it too (whatever be ones definition of success).

In fact if your chart has an auspicious Moon it would help you climb the ladder of success and recognition even furthur. You would be able to digest success without it going into your head, which not many can.

If the Sun is the King in astrology & represents your IQ ; the Moon is the Queen in astrology and represents your EQ.

Your IQ gets you there but your EQ keeps you there. It is much harder to remain successful than to be a flash in the pan success story and vanish unceremoniously.

It is not without a valid reason that the Moon is also regarded as the most beautiful planet and its beauty is even praised in poems, couplets, songs in various languages(including Urdu, Hindi and English).

The Moon represents stability, calmness, peace, quiet and serene, luxury, and all things beautiful. It represents your mother. It is like a huge banyan tree that gives everyone shade from the intense heat of the Sun. It helps us all relax and sleep and relax.

Let me explain the magical phenomenon that the Moon can have by way of a case study of the lagna chart of one of best known leading ladies of the Hindi cinema in recent times, who I also find to be a rock solid stable. The ‘dhak dhak girl” Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene.

Birth Details (unverified)

Monday, May 15, 1967, 1815 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart and Analysis

ASC Libra has Ketu [R] – Very Good

6th house of Pisces has Saturn- Tricky but due to excellent planets in her 9th and 10th houses, would retire with grace from her leading lady role in movies, adapt with time, settle down and remain relevant. Basically knows when to move on and is not your ‘career at all cost person’. Would have had to work work very very hard in her life and face many obstacles which she was/is able to successfully manoeuvre due to her 10th house lord house Moon.

7th house of Aries has Rahu [R] – Very Good and would be a dominating wife.

8th house of Taurus has Sun and Mercury – Challenging and can make her angry and lash out when so but her Moon again gives calming effect and luckily for her these dasha periods were over at birth/youth.

9th house of Gemini has Venus – Excellent for profession in show business, looks and wealthy spouse.

10th house of Cancer has Moon and Jupiter (Exalted) – Super excellent as Moon is in its lord house, making the native a super stable and very lucky, intelligent, blessed with intelligent children, well educated, attached to mother and vice versa and finally achieve superstardom in her movie career ad not let it impact her. She is also very helpful by nature.

12th house of Virgo has Mars [R] – Tough and one foot always overseas overseas and one to hide her inner feelings very well.


Need I say more, she can even tackle her Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

Thank the Moon for Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene !

You can see what a super excellently placed Moon in its lord house can single handily do to a natives life.

They enjoy life despite everything and achieve much more than their charts potential.

And the flip is also true.

People with excellent charts; but ill placed Moon may be very rich, have everything, but would be crying all their lives due to no peace of mind.


There are thousands of such examples.