Which planet is responsible for the loss of a job?

Generally Saturn is the planet directly related with one’s profession.

It being ill placed or debilitated and also one going through a tough Saturn mahadasha are forced to take early forced retirement due to reasons beyond their control. A good indicator of one being under the influence of Saturn is that your stress level increases. If your Saturn is well placed it would mean a promotion or a better job and if it is ill placed then one could suffer from crushing stress related illnesses. So the spectrum is huge.

Hence I consider a temporary loss of a job not a big calamity and you should keep on trying to find a new one and most probably you would.

I have encountered people who have magnificent charts (in Bangalore) who have lost their jobs but with a week have found new ones either in the same city or elsewhere.

The remedies are always the same as our elders have taught . That is to always live within and even below our means. Always save a part of your salary. Do not take up jobs that sound too good to be true. Do not take the first job that you get as it is better to remain unemployed a month extra rather than get into a bad job and be jobless again.