While I have not been able to get the birth details of the mother but I got the birth details of the child from various media outlets.

Late infant boy s/o Shri Venkata Raman and Smt. Suchana Seth

Birth Details (as per various media reports)

14/8/2019; 1200 Hours(determined); Bangalore – Karnataka

Date of death (under active investigation)

About 7/1/24 ; Candolim – Goa

ASC Libra 21-29-32 – Intelligent and well balanced.

2nd house of Scorpion has Jupiter 20-25-48 – Born into a family of extreme wealth.

3rd house of Sagittarius has Saturn [R]20-42-60 and Ketu [R] 21-30-24 – Lack of sibling; a stressful domestic atmosphere in the future (which did not come).

4th house of Capricorn has Moon 13-20-30 – Show’s mother is very wealthy; could have been the source of landed property wealth and inheritance for him but due to mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD); the beneficial impact of Moon gets reduced drastically; also that can imply that the benefic influence of mother gets reduced drastically.

9th house of Gemini has Rahu [R] 21-30-24 – Marriage and family aspects tricky due to MKSD; as well as relations with father. Though this placement is good from the professional point of view.

10th house of Cancer has Sun 27-05-12, Mercury 08-55-35(Enemy) and Venus 27-05-44 (Enemy) – Closeness to father and this is what got him killed due to the stress in his environment; had he lived he could have become a little rough around the edges and also his married life could have been a little tricky. Father is more auspicious for him and would have been the source of his wealth, career and earned money. Could be a little naughty child and very active and little of the emotional side. This placement means that he would have been very wealthy and held a position of authority via his occupation.

11th house of Leo has Mars 03-22-23 – Non Manglik. Would have done very well in his career and would have travelled far and wide; led a jet set life. Indication of an elder sibling is there; so maybe the mother had miscarried or tried to have a child earlier and maybe there was a child who had taken some life breaths.


MON from 14/ 8/19 till 12/ 2/27 – Due to MKSD this becomes a tricky time and of course it shows emotional disturbance of the mother and from this chart; I can say mothers Moon is not well placed; that is she can’t stick to one job or one profession for very long; she gets bored very easily.

  • MON – SAT 12/12/22 – Now the child does not realize what is happening but there would have been a stressful environment at home. Constant anger issues and emotional venting between the parents very much possible.
  • MON – MER 12/ 5/24 – This is the period; during which he his tender life was sniffed out and Sun present in the same house as Mercury shows that of course he was/would be close to his father; though he could not express it; his Moon Mahadasha too shows impulsive or ultra emotional environment around him at this time due to the Mother; who had the custody. It also shows a scenario around him where they would have been a disturbance due to landed property and wealth but he would not be a party to any legal problem ever in his life directly.


It is very clear that the child had a very good chart and there is no indication of major stress or trouble in the child’s chart.

At the time of his passing he was going through his 4th house Moon mahadasha and Mon-Mer antardasha. He was in the custody of the mother who was a bit stressed and edgy and fighting for landed property and wealth; Instead of getting it (due to MKSD).

Hence due to MKSD; the benefic effect of his Moon gets reduced and hence there is some risk or some negative energy coming from the mother and shows mothers emotional state is not the best; but in no way does it indicate number what has happened.

He was not supposed to live such a bitter life; where his parents would have been fighting like animals for his custody and other issues, face divorce of his parents.

Had the parents come to me with this chart I would have said; he was destined to have a healthy life; career success, immense wealth, knowledge, travelling back and forth to foreign countries. From his chart; I would have no idea about his imminent, sudden and most tragic demise.

I would call it a good chart. Such minor anomalies are seen in thousands of charts.

Astrological energies flow in mysterious ways and that is why due to the most unfortunate circumstances; his life was snuffed out.

May God grant peace to his soul and another fair chance at human life. May God also give wisdom to our species; so that we don’t end up killing each other.

Hari Om Tat Sat