First, I salute the Ambani family because it is an accepted fact that business magnates are the economic drivers of any nation. They contribute to India’s development by paying taxes and creating jobs.

The wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s youngest son, Anant, has been in the news and private family moments have been beamed across living rooms. Among other footage, is the clip showing a father crying tears of happiness for the son, which indicates their close ties.

Now, let me do the chart analysis of Anant Ambani, the youngest son and the darling of the family. As is evident, he has faced some health struggles. Moreover, there were objections to him being on the Board. These challenges will continue.

Let us study the chart.

Birth Details

10/4/1995; 1200 Hours (approximated); Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Gemini 21-32-28 – Intelligent, fun-loving, jovial and non-emotional

2nd house of Cancer has Moon 19-22-54 (Lord House) and Mars 20-55-12(Debilitated) – Of course, he comes from a very wealthy family. Needless to say, his mother is extremely auspicious for him and is very close to him. But, he would have troubled his mother and been argumentative while growing up. He will make some investments that will not be very prudent. He would need strong financial advisors to run the company.

5th house of Libra has Rahu [R] 12-42-47 – He will become the father of healthy children with medical help.

6th house of Scorpion has Jupiter [R] 21-29-46 – He may be involved in some legal cases. He will have lots of chronic health issues, especially to do with the chest and lungs.

9th house of Aquarius has Venus 21-52-39 and Saturn 25-24-04(Lord House) – He is a very lucky person. Needless to say, he will enjoy his life with all the modern amenities. His father is also extremely auspicious for him and is the source of all his luxuries. His wife will also be extremely auspicious for him. She will add a lot of value to his life and give him peace of mind. I heard him say that he did not actually want to get married initially as he has had lot of health challenges. Professionally, he will do very well and be very active. But there is a point beyond which he will get very angry and upset at people; so anger management issue is there. But he will enjoy his life and be very hardworking.

10th house of Pisces has Sun 26-08-31 and Mercury 21-33-49(Debilitated) – Even as his father is very auspicious for him, Anant is a no-nonsense person and has a strong mind of his own. He is courageous but has a temper. He cannot be polite if he is upset. Then, he will just explode and due to that he will harm his health and his businesses. He can be prone to trusting the wrong people; so, he will need excellent managers to manage his business and advise him. It can be seen that his father and mother have gone through lot of pain in raising him. It has not been easy but they have their own charts. They are able to take the pain but life comes with its own set of challenges at that level.

11th house of Aries has Ketu [R]12-42-47 –   He has name and authority, and it will all come without him asking for it. I do not think he will care about it too much so as he himself has said he is spiritual minded. That temperament is there first, due to his family and second, due to the health struggles. Third, he has it due to his temperament. Nevertheless, he can get angry and upset very quickly and start arguing. In that stage it is very difficult for people to work with him. He can make some wrong decisions but, as I said, his wife is a very stabilizing person and will help him a lot.


VEN from 24/10/15 till 24/10/35 – This is his extremely auspicious Venus Mahadasha. God has been kind to him. The mahadasha has come in the prime of his life and he has gotten married to a very nice woman. I am not going to do her chart analysis or I may add it later; but she will find the going a bit tough sometimes because he needs to be handled well.

  • VEN – RAH till 24/12/25 – This is the auspicious window in which he has gotten married. The marriage will be happy one. His wife will be add lot of positivity to his life. I am sure they have gotten the charts matched and have considered the auspicious window (there till 2025-end) in which to get married.

But, as evident from the chart, he has his chronic struggles. These have led to some behavioural issues and he will grapple with these through his life. The only thing of worry is that legal problem may harm him because Jupiter is not in a good house. Though the debilitated Mercury and Mars mar his quality of life a great deal, they are in good houses. However, I can say that he is no Mukesh Ambani; he is Mukesh Ambani’s son

  • VEN – JUP till 24/ 8/28 – This is a tough time for him. Venus helps him with a good wife, who is the stabilizing factor. They may need to take some medical help to become parents
  • VEN – SAT till 24/10/31 – Again, a very good time. His wife will help him in his profession. She will be involved in his businesses and they will work together. He will work hard all his life. However, health wise he always has to be careful.