I have always been fascinated by what makes one cross into the threshold of criminality. That also, not petty criminality, but severe forms of criminality or evil behaviour such as mass murder.

Which planets are responsible for one getting into a habit of killing fellow human beings? From the astrological standpoint, for this too there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Some mass murderers appear charming and seductive, while others can be crude and openly offensive. The evil is in the damaged mind and is associated, in most cases, with various levels of mental health issues – from the mild to the severest.  

As a case study, I am doing the chart analysis of convicted Canadian mass murderer Robert Pickton. I have followed his case for long since my Toronto days. He confessed to killing 50 women between 1978 and 2001; he was convicted in 6 cases in 2007. He was sentenced to 25 years without the possibility of parole. On May 31, 2024, he was killed by a fellow prisoner in a Canadian jail.


Birth Details

24/10/1949; 1700 Hours (Determined); Port Coquitlam – Vancouver area – Canada

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 08-08-46 – Makes him active, money minded, manipulative, self-centred and wealthy

5th house of Leo has Mars 05-42-47 and Saturn 22-36-41 (Enemy) – This is the reason he inherited a lot of land, worth millions of dollars from his parents. In fact, he and his brothers were wealthy but his own karma was evil as after his 5th house onwards, all houses are seriously afflicted. Even this 5th house, due to Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD). This tells me that whatever land or wealth he inherited would not be used for any good purpose.

6th house of Virgo has Mercury 21-28-50 (Exalted) and Ketu [R] 22-33-14 – Manipulative; when he wants, he can be charming and polite to talk to. But deceptive. His enemies or people who are after him would not be able to figure him out till it is too late. His real self is an extremely corrosive personality. He is wealthy and has landed property.

7th house of Libra has Sun 08-08-30(Debilitated) – This means total lack of intelligence or very low IQ. Sun in the 7th house debilitated means basically no positive influence of father or women and lack of domestic life. In fact, women would be the reason for his downfall. This shows total inability of any like or love-like feelings.

8th house of Scorpion has Moon 21-59-12 (Debilitated) and Venus 23-26-53 – Again this shows that he would be emotionally unstable; highly unstable personality but can mask it due to his exalted Mercury; mental health issue – either diagnosed or undiagnosed is there; so total lack of EQ as well as IQ. Unstable and low IQ/EQ person and towards and from women there is nothing except evil thoughts; no attachment with mother he will have and none for women; very impulsive person; totally out of his mind and does not have the ability to think far about the consequences of what he is doing and again it shows basically women will be the reason for his downfall or he will have a very inauspicious effect or impact on women and vice versa.

10th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 01-16-03 (Debilitated) – Whatever wealth he has inherited; that will all be taken away; legal cases from the start or from very young; lack of children; lack of any education; lack of intellect totally; unlucky person – born to suffer.

12th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 22-33-14 – Sudden death; health issues are there; as I mentioned mental health issues are there even intellectual issues are there; but death would be sudden; most unexpected, as he was killed by a prisoner in the Canadian prison system. Thanks to the charitable justice system in Canada; he was sentenced to only 25 years and would have been paroled in seven more years, when he was killed in 2024 but Karma or Destiny intervened; he was killed by another prisoner; well before he was to be released. Had he been living south in the US; he would have been sentenced to death or in prison for 100 years. Justice was karmic justice in this case and you should note that he died in his 12th house Rahu Mahadasha only.

Dasha at the time of multiple previous and subsequent final arrest

MON from 13/ 1/93 till 13/ 1/03 – During major part of his criminal spree; he was basically emotionally out of his mind; extremely unstable and all this was done impulsively.

  • MON – VEN till 13/ 7/02 – And it goes without saying that there are drugs etc. involved; lower levels of crime is there; off course due to women or controversy and crime due to women he was arrested.

Dasha at the time of death

RAH from 13/ 1/10 till 13/ 1/28 – From 2010 onwards, he was on the “Hell – Watch”; because 12th house Rahu mahadasha with mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD) to be followed by 10th house debilitated Jupiter mahadasha; with his kind of chart; means with relatively certainty that though he was sentenced for only 25 tears but he will not be able to survive, as it was  karmic death sentence and he was killed in prison; ironically in his Rahu – Venus antardasha.

  • RAH – VEN till 1/ 8/24 – How destiny plays its role; everything happened to him in his Venus antardasha; he was first arrested in his Moon-Venus antardasha and subsequently also killed in his Rahu-Venus antardasha. He sent away to his next sub human birth; but the way he dies will not give his soul peace. I do not know what kind of next birth; he will get, but Karmic justice is unescapable.