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I had never heard Chamkila Ji’s name till about 5 days back when I saw a movie based on his life on an OTT platform. After watching the movie I was extremely touched by his life. He was born Dhani Ram into a poor family in rural Punjab. Due to his hard work, dedication and the golden voice given to him by Goddess Saraswati, he rose in his short and controversial musical career as a Punjabi folk singer and was regarded by some as the “Elvis Presley of Punjab”. Such was his popularity amongst the rural folks that in 9 years, he made a big name and good wealth via singing. His life was cut short by hail of bullets at the age of 27 years in 1988; when he and his 2nd wife were just about to start their performance. He was a controversial singer, is what I have learnt due to the controversial lyrics of his songs. Though he was and remains very popular amongst the masses in Punjab.

Birth Details

21/7/1960; 0630 Hours; Dugri – Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab – India

Lagna Chart

ASC Cancer 15-12-41 has Sun 04-58-06 and Venus 12-48-12(Enemy)

2nd house of Leo has Rahu [R] 24-43-07

6th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter [R] 01-54-30 (Lord Housed) and Saturn [R] 20-48-22

8th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 24-43-07

10th house of Aries has Mars 28-29-06(Lord Housed)

12th house of Gemini has Moon 05-08-10 and Mercury [R] 28-38-40 (Lord Housed)

Dasha at the time of assassination

JUP from 11/ 5/79 till 11/ 5/95

  • JUP – VEN till 23/11/89

Summary analysis

He was ASC Cancer and hence a very emotional person by nature and also emotionally protective of his loved ones; this includes his family, his fellow singers and also his musicians. Sun in the Lagna House shows that he was courageous, intelligent and prompt; so it did not take him long to come up with songs that he himself wrote. He would become very popular and shine. Due to his own hard work he would become well known and wealthy and had a never say die spirit. Venus enemy in this house means that there is no doubt popularity amongst the women folk; chances of love marriage are high but there was controversy due to women and that is why he married twice and this aspect of his life remained controversial. Additionally though controversial but women were lucky for him; as he was singing duets with a fellow women singers. So the Lagna House tells me that he was a self-made person who had risen up due to hard work and courage though he has planets that helped him – luck was always there. This as I three planets were lord housed.

2nd house has Rahu; this means that he comes from a humble family background; his life would have been extremely tough and hardships and controversy are seen from very early on in his life and these would continue throughout his life – controversy related to his personal life and wealth would remain.

6th house is the defining house with Jupiter retrograde and Lord Housed and Saturn retrograde. This means on one hand he was extremely lucky because he had the blessings of God with a golden voice but on the other hand, he was controversy’s famous child and due to his own luck and due to his Karma; as Saturn is also in this house, he made very powerful enemies but was not scared and would continue what he felt was right thereby creating powerful enemies who eventually cut short his life. In an ironic way Jupiter Lord housed gave him or made him who he was but it can be said that all his life or more so ever since his Jupiter Mahadasha started in 1979; he was never free from controversy; despite all the wealth, success and popularity – controversy would follow him and this would be due to his profession or what he did, that is singing and related lifestyle which created enemies and ultimately the cause of his early demise.

8th house has Ketu; this means had he lived longer there could have been some health issues.

10th house is powerful, Mars lord housed means that he would be popular with people; get along with people and this includes both in his immediate personal and professional life and a lot of wealth is seen and due to that wealth he would occupy a position of authority and name – fame is also there; not to the extent that he would have wanted but it was definitely there for him, as when you compare from where he came to where he ended up very quickly in the 9 years; it was due to his 10th house Lord House Mars to a great extent.  

Now his 12th house is again roller coaster. Moon in this house means that he was very emotional; it were his emotions or pent feelings that have that came out in the form of folk songs; so this was a very suitable medium for him to express his frustrations, feeling, opinions about life in an acceptable and profitable though controversial way. So due to his emotions there would be lot of losses and eventually his life and career were cut short due to it. Now his 12th house Mercury is retrograde but Lord Housed. This means that there would be wealth, he would be travelling all over the world in the very short span of his life, earning good amount of money, living in luxury also but a life of hardships is also seen and it is seen that though he would be very cordial person, nice to talk to, good hearted and a genuine person but when he was upset, he would not mince his words and this is the house that made him who he was – a controversial singer who was not scared to express what he felt despite immense threats to his life due to his 6th house.

Now he was assassinated in the middle of his 6th house Lord House Jupiter Mahadasha in 1988. This is the mahadasha that made him as he became known from the year 1979 when his 6th house lord house but retrograde Jupiter Mahadasha started but in nine years only and because Saturn is also retrograde in this house; he was making or made so many enemies, partly due to his fearlessness as he did not bow down to threats; so this house only created secret enemies for him who would ultimately cut his life short. And this happened in his Jupiter-Venus antardasha; an indication that he was killed along with his spouse or the angle of a lady can never be far away from his mind and his life and and his songs also reflected that.

So this is my homage to Late Amar Singh Chamkila ji and I have also come to know that he has influenced many next generation Punjabi rap singers and musicians.

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